10 Common Typography Mistakes

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Graphic designing is a difficult task, because it has a lot of branches. You have to take care of everything if you want to make your website look great. Typography is a very important part of web designing. It displays the beauty and grace of your website.

If typography is not done in a good way, then it will leave a bad impact on the appearance of your and consequently website people will stop visiting it. Following are some of the common typography mistakes that should be avoided by the designers to make their website accessible (image via shutterstock).

1. Less Line Spacing:

Line spacing has a very important part in increasing the readability of your content. If people read the content of your website clearly, then they will stick to the content written on your web page. If leading/line spacing is very little, then it will give a cramped look. When you are selecting the font, you have to keep it in mind that different fonts require different leading. Height of the letter forms can also be changed.

2. Inadequate Tracking:

The space between the letters is called monitoring and letter spacing as well. This mistake can decrease the traffic from your website. If it is done correctly, then it will prevent the letters from experiencing onto each other, specially when you have to print the content. This can increase the readability along with the flow of text.

 3. Kerning:

Some people think that kerning is the same as tracking. This theory is not right. Actually, kerning is an art of adjusting the space between characters, not between the group of them as done in the tracking. Kerning is very affective for the headlines. With the upper case letters and caps lock. Do not do this by using a software, because it concerns with characters. It will make your website look cramped if its not done in a good manner.

4. Boring long lines:

Professional and trained designers know that long length of lines have a very bad impact on the readability of website. Visitors will face an eye fatigue problem, which is very disappointing for designers. The standard line length that is recommended by the professionals contains not more than 55-60 characters.

5. Mismatches In A Page:

A lot of different fonts and typefaces in a singe page can distract the readers and annoy them. Do not use more than three different fonts for each project. Bold letters and weight can distract the reader from the necessary elements of the site. This increases the chances of the visitor missing important things.

6. Use of Serif For Lengthy Material:

Basically, serifs are known to make your content lengthy, although they do not. Serif is usually used for books and magazines. But it will not look good on the page of your website if you use it in excess. This will cause strain in the eyes. And visitors love their eyes more than the content displayed on your website. Serif can only work good on the baseline.

7. Large Font Size:

Small font sizes can give a professional look, but these can not be so smaller that reader cannot read it. Some people use relatively large font for their body. This can look very clunky, just like a children’s book which is so clunky. So try to use small font size.

Keep that in mind, the content that look great on the screen doesn’t look the same after it is printed. So do not set the font so small that it causes readability issues.

8. Use Of Contrast Colors:

No matter how good is your content. You will gain nothing if people do not read it clearly. They stop visiting your website, and you will loose traffic. Try to use such contrast in which your content can be viewed easily by people. For Example if you put a green text on a black background, then readers will have to struggle a lot to read the content.

9. Use of Transparency:

Transparency can do nothing but increase your eye strain. So try to avoid it. Because the design look clear on the screen than the prints. Avoid transparency as much as you can.

10. Centered Text Usage:

Applying centered textual content produces a terrible look to text. This might be viewed as sloppy generally. Save it for people’s wedding stationery.



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