10 beautiful washing sinks you’ve never seen

All of the sinks is not only beautiful washing sinks but also has the advantages of environmentally friendly, with the integrated system and is designed very cleverly.

The washing sink has a lot of different shapes, from traditional bowl-shaped to tail tip. The designer has created 10 unique samples tub, exotic and extremely beautiful with colors and different sizes. All of the sink is not only beautiful but also has the advantages of environmentally friendly, with the integrated system and is designed very cleverly.

Let’s 10 beautiful washing sinks below:

1. This sparkling sink design belongs to OmVivo company. This form the sink will makes your bathrooms bright and shine whether during the day or night.


2. Shape of the stacked stones, design of Omer Sagiv make anyone curious right from the first glance.


3. Fancy appearance of the bright white sink will captivate those who prefer simplicity but love the art.


4. At first glance the lone sink between this wall, you will ask the question “Where waste water flows.” However, that is not what makes you worry because this is the most delicate point of this design. Magical disappearance of waste water will make you curious when using this sink.


5. This sink is designed in the shape of a snake is not only strange but also very handy with the “3 in 1” effect. Not simply a sink to wash your hands, this sink is also designed lasts about two sides, one side extends horizontally can be used to hang towels, bath towels; one side extends vertically as decorative lighting.


6. If you are worried the water will spill out with this design is to “take their minds off” away. The SVPPLY designers have calculated very carefully runoff and drainage capability of the sink. Whether you turn on the tap in the loudest mode is not concerned water spills out.


7. The great combination between the sink and the toilet will help you save water and protect the environment. The amount of water you used after cleansing, washing hands will flow down the water tank of the toilet and store in it for flushing the toilet. It’s convenient and saves right !? This design belongs Caroma company.


8. The same functionality as design of Caroma. The Roca company’s sinks also water-saving effect, but it is designed more elegant and beautiful.


9. Design sink “mother-son” is not only handy for young children that you can use to make the foot bath – sounds strange, right? But this is purely designer’s creative intentions of Vitra ROSA.


10. Are you surprised when you saw yourself on the bottom of the sink? With design of Lago company, you absolutely do not need to use a wall mirror in the bathroom.

  We hope you can find out some great choice for your bathroom.


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