Top 10 Common Blog Mistakes to Avoid

It is a fact that no one wants to make mistakes as it sounds very painful. In this article most common blog mistakes are mentioned that should be overcome.

1. Unique Selling Proposition:

Basically unique selling proposition or unique value proposition is something that makes your blog different from others. Taking an example of a travel blog; this blog needs development of a strong USP in order to differentiate. Always keep it in your mind that USP should be not more than a sentence & should give a proper description of the blog.

2. Use Of Mediocre Headlines:

Sometimes a blogger tries its best to create original headlines but he fails. The best solution for it is to follow those headline formulas that are proven.

3. Marketing Strategies:

Most of the bloggers have a perception that sharing of their posts on different social networking sites like Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook etc. is something called marketing but it is basically beginning of marketing. You can’t rely on it fully. Marketing strategies includes guest posting or interviews on different sites. For this purpose one should have complete knowledge of pitching the guest posts. Once your blog starts to grow, people would start linking.

4. Use Of Internal Links:

At least one internal link should be included in your blog. Most of the people strive for 1 internal link per hundred words.

5. Try to Do Everything Yourself:

Experiences & new bloggers usually make these mistakes. If you don’t have knowledge of Photoshop, hiring a professional is a good option as he give life to your blog’s vision. If you don’t know how to work with social media, try to contact with successful bloggers in order to have some tips. 

6. Posting in an Erratic Manner:

Setting a regular schedule of publishing is very good option as most of the bloggers post their work in spurts which is not a good thing to do. In this way you will observe a growth in your readers as you deliver what your reader wants. In this way trust will also built.

7. Link to The Original Author:

Sometime you read a blog post & you enjoy it so much so that it gives you an opportunity to create your content around that particular topic. Try to link your article to the original one as it helps you with search engine optimization (SEO). Also it also gives credit to the original author.

8. Commenting System:

If you are working with WordPress you have nothing to worry about as WordPress has its own system of commenting. But if you are working with a particular commenting system like LiveFyre, it assists you to create community & conversation. In WordPress one will get alert if anyone is driving interest, comments, conversation or debate. 

9. SEO Helper:

If you don’t know about how to work with search engine optimization, use SEO helper. Tools like Yoast or Scribe SEO would also help you. You simply have to install these tools & start using them.  In this way you would find that what key elements you are missing.

10. Social Media Sharing Buttons:

There are a number of blogs that are not providing social media sharing buttons as there are a lot of plugins that can be used to share the content.

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