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10 Social Networking Sites for Web Designers


Nowadayas, you can find thousands of social networking sites to communicate or connect with people. But there are a few through which you can interact with web designers. Following is a list of eight social networks that are best for designers. Check this list and share your feedback in comments secion if you have tried any image via shutterstock:

Love Dsgn:

love dsgn

Love Dsgn commonly pronounced as Love Design is a social networking site for all the creative people out there. It is a place where you get to interact with designers of your taste. You can get feedback of different designers. You can also comment on other people’s work. The website is an invitation-based site.



Dribbble is a great social networking website for web designers. It is a great source to show your work to the whole world. They let you upload 400 x 300 pixels screenshots of your work. You will only find experienced and great web designers there. All the work on dribble is of high quality. It is a must-join community. If you think that you have the guts of a great designer, then join this community as an spectator or as a permanent member.



The site is an invite-based site. It allows you to interact with other designers and show your work to people. Here, you can also collaborate with designers that have same genre as yours. The site is great and is one of the top social networking sites for designers.



Design Related is another invite-based community for web designers. The site lets you create a portfolio of your so that you can communicate with other designers of your taste. The site is great to get inspiration.

CSS Globe:


CSS Globe is another site which mainly focuses on CSS and web development. It is a community-based website. You cannot interact directly but you get a lot of useful links related to design and development work.



Forrst is a place where web designers and developers meet. The website is as popular as dribbble and is a bit old. If you want to get sincere feedback, then you must sign up for this place. It is an invite-only social networking site. So, you need to ask someone to invite you.



Drawar is more a discussion forum than a social networking site. Here, you can talk with people about business, wed development and web design. Drawar is an exceptional place to get comments about your work and correct other people’s work. If you haven’t created an account yet, then this is the right time to make one.



Almost every designer has heard this name. DevianArt is the largest community where art-loving people interact with one other.








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