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10 Superb Interactive World Maps WordPress Plugins

Are you looking to add interactive maps on your WordPress site? There was a time when merely zooming in to the map meant waiting for the page to refresh. However, with improvements in technology and the use of Ajax, things have simplified immensely and you can find a lot of plugins that make accessing maps and using additional interactive features extremely easier.

You should go through the details of the different plugins and then choose the ones that give you the best output. When you integrate these plugins on your WordPress site, you will be able to enjoy greater and increased output and this is bound to help you in the best possible manner.

Following are 10 best & Superb World Maps WordPress plugins that is sure to make a difference to the way you have been using the google maps on your site.


Plugin Features Recommended For
Robo Maps Robo Maps it’s easy and powerful Google maps plugin with maps markers. Google Maps in native WordPress style. Multiply maps on page. Customize text and add some additional content into maps marker popups. Like images, links, even videos.
MapPress Easy Google Maps It helps you create custom HTML and developers can work on the code and customize the plugin. Recommended for those who are skilled in coding and can customize and configure to get the best out of it.
Interactive World Maps This plugin helps you color the different regions and it will add vibrancy to the site. It is best suited for those who are willing to pay and get a site that offers interactive and dynamic maps that entice users.
WP Google Maps The easiest to use Google maps plugin! Create a custom Google map with high quality markers containing categories, descriptions, images and links. While the free version of WP Google Maps allows you to create a Google map & the pro version allows you create custom Google maps with high quality markers containing locations, descriptions, images, categories, links and directions.
WordPress Google Maps Plugin It offers advanced control for customization and you can add your own CSS for maps. It is recommended for those who love Google maps and want to work on the code and get their own customized map plugin.
Pronamic Google Maps It makes use of latest API 3 version of Google maps and enables developers to work on their own code. Recommended for developers who are familiar with WordPress developing and coding standards and methods.
WordPress CloudMade Maps Offers widgets for both static and integrative maps and makes use of excellent custom markups. Recommended for graphic artists and bloggers looking to have a visually appealing site.
Comprehensive Google Map Plugin It offers various custom marker icons and gives you ample options for customization of widgets. Recommended for all those who want to use Google maps and are looking to have an easy interface.
Nokia Maps And Places It offers integrated support for social networking sites and can also help in making bookings at a listed place on the map. Recommended for all those who do not want to use Google maps and are still looking for an interactive plugin.

WP Google Maps Bank

It provides directions, locations, markers, interactive maps, and satellite/aerial imagery of anything. It’s more than just a Map.

Google Maps Bank Lite Edition allows you to create upto 2 Google Maps with upto 5 Markers, 1 Polyline and 1 Polygon.
Leaflet Maps Marker WP Plugin

The most comprehensive & user-friendly mapping solution for WordPress

Display locations and directions on your WordPress site. Leaflet Maps Marker is your individual Geo-CMS that features highest security standards and a moral code

1. Robo Maps – Professional Google Maps WP Plugin


Robo Maps it’s easy and very powerful Google maps plugin for WordPress. Plugin implemented in WordPress native style, used all wordpress native API and core functionality. You can install plugin absolutely FREE in wordpress admin section or you can purchase RoboMaps Pro version in our website. Robo Maps make you able to insert google map into your WordPress post, page or widget easily! Just use shortcode wizard to define all options Robo Google Maps.

Robo Google Maps Lite Key Features

  • Mobile optimized maps – all robo google maps code optimized for mobile devices, so you’ll not have any problems with maps
  • Optimized javascript code – optmized havascript code make robo google maps even more fast
  • ROADMAP Google maps view – implemented ROADMAP google maps view
  • SATELLITE Google maps view – implemented SATELLITE google maps view
  • HYBRID Google maps view – implemented HYBRID google maps view
  • TERRAIN Google maps view – implemented TERRAIN google maps view
  • Customizable Google maps size – you can change height and width of the map in Robo maps settings. Size could be defined in px or %
  • Define Google map position with Address – define target position of the map as Address
  • Define Google map position with Coordinates – define target position of the map as Coordinates
  • Map Zoom – define scale of the map in the range from 0 to 18
  • Short Link – insert pre-configured Google map with short link without list of parameters using Robo Google Maps plugin
  • Scroll Wheel Map Control – Enable/Disable Google map control by mouse wheel scroll
  • Google Maps Stree View – Enable/Disable street view map option
  • Map Zoom Control – Enable/Disable map zoom control option
  • Map Pan Control – Enable/Disable map pan control option
  • Overview Google Map – Enable/Disable google map overview option
  • Google Map Type – Enable/Disable option for select google map type of view
  • Minimaps – Show/Hide minimap control
  • Fully responsive – maps are fully responsive, will work correctly on different screen sizes
  • Google maps tag generator for Posts – you can easily insert Google maps into post with tag generator
  • Google maps tag generator for Pages – you can easily insert Google maps into page with tag generator
  • Insert Google Map in Widget – with Robo Google Maps plugin you can insert maps into widget
  • Access to updates and new features – get access to free maps updates

Robo Maps Advantages

KML layers In Robo Maps we implement support of the KML files. KML files make you able import polyline, polygon, polygon with holes, rectangle, circle, marker(icon), direction(route, path) into your google maps on your wordpress website. With KML you also can add more additional information into your google map markers. Customize text and add some additional content into maps marker popups. Like images, links, even videos.

2. MapPress Easy Google Maps


This plugin can be seamlessly integrated on your WordPress site and merely adding any address will help you in seeing the map details. It offers a lot of different features and when you check out the top features that it offers, you are sure to like the added dynamic layer and interactivity which this plugin will bring to your site.

Features of MapPress Easy Google Maps:

  • It is based on the latest version of Google maps (API V3)
  • It supports custom post types.
  • You can create maps in standard post and then you have the option to edit screens too.
  • Readers can find the right directions to reach the places listed on the map.
  • Readers can create custom HTML for map markers.
  • Supports street view.
  • One can find real time traffic details.
  • Developers have the option to have their own programming API that can help them make advanced map plugin.

Who is the MapPress Easy Google Maps Plugin For?

This plugin is most recommended for all those who want to add an extra touch of interactivity on your website. It is ideal for the ones who host some form of an event and want their readers to reach to the venue with ease. Further, it helps in improving the interactive layout of the site too.

3.WP Google Maps


The easiest to use Google maps plugin! Add a customized Google map to your WordPress posts and/or pages quickly and easily with the supplied shortcode. No fuss. No iFrames and super easy to use! Perfect for contact page maps, routes, maps showing delivery areas and any other use you can think of!

WP Google Maps Pro

  • Google map with advanced markers
  • Marker listings – Simple
  • Marker listings – Advanced
  • Google Maps Directions
  • Resposive Map
  • Marker Categories (Filtering)
  • Advanced Store Locator
  • WP Google Maps Editor (Back-end Screenshots)
  • Visitor Generated Markers – (WP Google Maps VGM Add-on)
  • Custom Map Styling (WP Google Maps Gold Add-on)

Who is the Interactive Maps Plugin For?

This plugin is having 2 version one is light and the second one is professional. While the free version of WP Google Maps allows you to create a Google map with as many markers as you like, the Pro version allows you to do so much more!

The WP Google Maps Pro Version version allows you create custom Google maps with high quality markers containing locations, descriptions, images, categories, links and directions.

4. Interactive World Maps

interactive-world-map-wordpress-pluginThis plugin offers you the option of using color markers and you can mark the different boundaries and nations. The plugin is extremely useful for all those who want to increase the vibrancy of the user interface of the site. Along with adding to the vibrancy, this plugin is loaded with various other features too.

Features of Interactive World Maps:

  • One can find maps for separate regions and continents.
  • You can make use of tooltip or action to add interactivity of maps on your site
  • The maps are built on the SVG platform and therefore do not rely on the use of flash. It will also work on all MAC products.
  • There is a short code that you can use to place the maps in separate posts, pages or even widgets as well.
  • This is a paid plugin.

Who is the Interactive Maps Plugin For?

This plugin is best suited for those who have a travel website and even the ones who are looking to host events at specific venues and want to get a large turnout. Even those MNCs that want to list the details of their offices all round the world can make smart use of this plugin.

5. WordPress Google Maps Plugin


All those who are looking for a plugin that is easy to use and can be customized to extract the best output can make use this. When talking about maps, there is hardly any other tool that can be handier than Google maps.

Features of WordPress Google Maps Plugin:

  • You can easily add the map in any of your posts or pages by dragging the icon in the visual editor.
  • Advanced control of features are available for those who want to customize the tiny details.
  • Can be integrated with the geo-location plugin to change the custom fields.
  • The maps can also be integrated with your panoramia images
  • You can add your own CSS on the maps.
  • You can easily create multiple maps and add them wherever you want on your page.
  • Widget support available.

Who is the WordPress Google Maps Plugin For?

It is best suited for people who love Google maps. This plugin offers a lot of different features and the smooth way in which it can be integrated on your WordPress site makes it one of the best options that you are going to have.

6. Pronamic Google Maps

Pronamic Google Maps

This plugin is primarily meant for the ones who are familiar with WordPress coding. It will give you several options and you can nearly have control over all the different aspects. However, you need to be proficient in code development to excel in the use of this plugin.

Features of Pronamic Google Maps:

  • It uses Google maps API version 3 and this is the reason why you don’t require any API key to configure the plugin.
  • With the help of the available short code, you can easily integrate Google maps in your content.
  • It does not create any unnecessary tables in your database and thus keeps database handy for retrieval.
  • You can make custom posts and integrate maps easily.
  • It makes use of the latest micro format standards.
  • It offers developers massive opportunities to put in their own code.

Who is the Pronamic Google Maps Plugin For?

This plugin is primarily meant for the ones who are familiar with the details of WordPress coding. It targets developers who want to have their own code when using a plugin. Those who are not skilled in coding will not be able to benefit from this wonderful plugin.

7. WordPress CloudMade Maps


It is one of those plugin that will help you in bringing your site to life. It is rich with a lot of features that can add to the color and vibrancy of your page. The controls make it one of the most popular plugins for all those who need to take care of listing directions for places.

Features of WordPress CloudMade Maps:

  • There are more than 50,000 styles of maps to choose from and you can make your own layout too.
  • It works with custom post types and even your own post and pages as well.
  • You can upload custom marker images in your medial library in WordPress and then use them on your maps as well.
  • Micro format geo markup is added to the located content, thereby making it readable by machines.
  • It helps you in using both static and even interactive maps.
  • You can align your map with the default CSS classes of WordPress.
  • It is available in English and German.

Who is the WordPress CloudMade Maps Plugin For?

This plugin is mainly recommended for those who have the desire to have a site that is visually appealing. Graphic artists and bloggers who are passionate to have an extremely bright site with various interactive options present are most likely to make use of this plugin.

8. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin


This is one of those plugins that is made to give you a lot of different features. You will be able to have full control over the widget and the level of interactivity that this plugin offers makes it one of the best choices that you can possibly have.

Features of Comprehensive Google Map Plugin:

  • It has a user friendly interface which makes it easy to configure and use.
  • There are more than 250 custom marker icons and you can choose the ones you like.
  • The marker geo mash up helps you store all your post markers in a single map.
  • Reliable and appropriate directions to reach the different places.
  • Efficient documentation to help, if need arises.
  • Options to configure and modify details.
  • Panaramio photos can be used for maps.
  • Offers cross browser compatibility.

Who is the Comprehensive Google Map Plugin For?

If you need extra features and facilities to have full control over the maps, then this plugin is for you! This plugin will give you ample options and you can configure and customize most of them.

  1. Nokia Maps And Places

This plugin makes use of Nokia maps API and can help you in getting an efficient map overlay. There are various features that this plugin offers and is one of the best alternatives to Google maps.

Features of Nokia Maps And Places:

  • It is extremely easy to use and there is no need for any additional configuration.
  • There are three ready to use templates that can help you customize your places widget.
  • It has integrated support for social networking sites as you can share a place on sites like Facebook Twitter, etc.
  • You can also make reservations and bookings with the help of a single click on the listed places.

Who is the Nokia Maps And Places Plugin For?

This plugin is ideally meant for all those who want a plugin that can be easily and quickly integrated into the site without any hassles. At the same time, the different features make it one of the top plugins and it is popular for being robust and offering a dynamic layout.

9.WP Google Maps Bank


WP Google Maps Bank – Best Plugin to create a Map on WordPress and is the simplest yet most powerful plugin ever created for WordPress. You can add a customized Map to your WordPress Posts/Pages quickly and easily with the supplied shortcode. Google Maps Bank Lite Edition allows you to create upto 2 Google Maps with upto 5 Markers, 1 Polyline and 1 Polygon.

Key Features in Google Maps Bank Premium Editions :

  • Create Maps using a 7 Step Wizard – Google Maps Bank has been designed and developed keeping in mind simplicity and usefulness. A Custom Google Map can be easily created using a 7 Step Wizard.
  • User Friendly Interface with AJAX Based Functionality – The Best Point of Google Maps Bank is its User Interface. A Layman or a newbie to WordPress can easily use it hazzle free.
  • Super Easy to Use, No Coding Required at all! – Simple Steps and no Coding at All make it a User’s Heaven. It also doesn’t require any API Key to use it.
  • Multi-Lingual Plugin – Google Maps Bank is now available in around 36 Languages worldwide. It means that you don’t need to have English Skills in order to create a simple Map.
  • Responsive Maps – Google Maps Bank provided a feature to make its Maps fully Responsive to suit your website needs.
  • Dashboard Section – Dashboard has been developed to give an overview of the different Maps created using Google Maps Bank.
  • Unlimited Maps can be created – You can create unlimited Custom Maps using the Google Maps Premium Editions.

Who is WP Google Maps Bank Plugin For?

People who just want to create a Google Maps on website, has been divided into 7 Steps making it very simple and understandable for a WordPress admin to quickly get done what is needed as per requirements.

Pro’s who use Google Maps Bank regularly updates the features and simplicity of usage along with efficient functionality makes it a perfect choice for your WordPress site to have stunning look.

 10.Leaflet Maps Marker


We are working hard on delivering the best mapping solution available – helping you to share your favorite spots and tracks.

Display locations and directions on your WordPress site. Organize customized icons in tidy layers on a variety of maps and even in augmented reality browsers. Leaflet Maps Marker is your individual Geo-CMS that features highest security standards and a moral code.

With Leaflet Maps Marker, you can

  • Pin your favorites places with markers
  • Show directions for your locations
  • Choose from over 1000 free, customizable icons from Maps Icons Collection
  • Add popup description text or images for each marker
  • Organize your markers in layers
  • Choose an individual basemap, size and zoom level for each marker and layer map
  • Display your maps by just adding a shortcode – e.g. [mapsmarker marker=”1″] – to posts, pages, widgets and templates
    on the base-map of your choice

This plugin is built by a team with a vision. We follow a moral code and value the plugin’s security, your privacy and the documentation of our work. Read our mission statement here.

Organize your markers in layers or multi-layer-maps option to switch between simplified and advanced editor. TinyMCE button for easily searching and adding maps on post/pages edit screen. Support for custom marker time-stamps for more precise KML animations (view example YouTube video).


These are some of the best plugins that will help you bring your site to life. The extra zing can create a difference. The plugin serves their purpose meticulously and they are sure to entice your readers. The support for maps and the customization and configuration option ensures that one will be able to integrate a lot of additional features and functions on their website.

Apart from travel websites, there are a lot of other web platforms that are using these plugins because maps have become one of the finest ways of locating a certain place or a venue for a big event. You can use any of the above plugins as all of them are sure to help you out.

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