10+ Useful onlineTools for Web Designers

Sometimes small but handy tools have a large impact on web design process. By using these tools one can save his time as well as his efforts. For the design & development of a website one should have professional, practical & solid knowledge, creativity, and experience. Now days, everyone prefers to get assistance from best online tools & applications so as to make their tasks easier.

Here are some online tools which provide web designers an ease in completion of their work. They are as follows:

1. Plaxo:

Plaxo allows a person to save contact details. Plaxo has a huge range of services which includes social networks & phones. They have a wide range of products like Plaxo Basic. This product gathers the contact information in the form of smart & single address book. Through this product one can import the contact information quickly from variety of sources. Plaxo Basic also helps to clean the duplicate entries. Another product is Plaxo Personal Assistant. In this product is a maintenance service to improve accuracy of contact information book (address book). The third product is Plaxo for mobile. This product offers sync solutions for blackberry, Android, smart phones etc. Plaxo Premium e-cards is yet another product so that one can keep in touch with his peers.

2. Vyew:

The basic purpose of this website is to allow one to share his files with a particular group of people. Vyew is very flexible. One can bring conferencing & online collaboration into the workflow.

3. Highrise:

With the help of Highrise one can organize & save email conversations & notes. One can have conversations with 30,000 contacts & customers. One can keep the information about dealings & proposals. Sharing of status with your department, team & company can also be done with Highrise.

4. Ofuz:

With the help of this website you can save all your contact details from e-mails, address books, Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook. You can set up your tasks. You customers & co-workers can also share their files, discussions & e-mails.

5. Up Time Robot:

Up time robot helps you to monitor around 50 websites of yours every five minutes. You  can also get alerts if your website is down.

6. Moniitor:

This website is a monitoring tool. You can monitor a number of webistes & can also check the stats like Twitter, Alexa Rank, Pagerank & many more.

7. Dribbble:

This is a community for web designers who can answer different queries. At this website; different graphic designers, logo designers, illustrators, typographers can share their work & their current projects.

8. View Book:

View book allows the designers & image creators to manage the portfolio of them.

9. Carbonmade:

Carbonmade is basically very simple yet easy to use. It is providing portfolio services to different creatives. Clean & professional environment is provided so that you can concentrate on the content.

10. Forrst:

This site is a place for passionate designers & developers who are keen about crafting & providing thought provoking critiques.

11. Skype:

With Skype you can keep in touch with your friends & family members throughout the world.

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