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20+ Inspirational Blog Designs to follow in 2009

It’s time for an inspirational post that will sure take your breath. This time we are going to look at 22 of unique blog designs that set themselves apart from the rest of the blogs out there on the internet. These designs would undoubtedly inspire a lot of designers about the endless possibilities of our creative minds. Please go ahead and get inspired with these great designs.

15 Inspirational Blog Designs

Note: This list is totally based on our opinion and so there might be some blog designs that you might not like, on which case you are free to comment your list here. Please make your opinion heard. Similarly if you know of a graphic design that should have made this list, please drop us a comment and we’ll include it as extra.Enjoy now a list of 20+ inspirational blog designs.

1. Boompa

2. 10 Steps

3. Justbcoz

4. Noupe

5. Gaduman

6. Smashingapps


7. Kris Colvin

9. Juxt Interactive

10. Leffetcrea


11. Leg Work Studio

12. Bottle UP

13. Kineda

inspirational blog design-11

14. Lubuski Hiphop

inspirational blog design-12

15. WorkAwesome

inspirational blog design-13

16. OcTwelve

inspirational blog design-14

17. Duiwaigh

inspirational blog design-15


inspirational blog design-16

19. Brown Blog Films

inspirational blog design-17

20. Nalden

inspirational blog design-18

21. TrippingWords

inspirational blog design-19

22. Markup & Style Society

inspirational blog design-20


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