15 Most Excellent Free Online HTML5 Games

Nowadays HTML5 is one of the accepted topics for developers. Many of the developers, who the main intention is creating smart phones games, convert their applications also to HTML5 platform. Even though some of them are limited version of the game under iOS and Android platform, it shows very well the power of HTML5. HTML5 is really magical in reference to its video capabilities, canvas illustration and animation which work really well and smooth. The fact is that it’s so promising that projects are popping up all over the places that have been made as a way of testing the boundaries of HTML5. In our today’s post you can browse the collection of “15 Most Excellent Free Online HTML5 Games” and can play your favourite online HTML5 game for free.

Angry Birds


Cut the Rope

Agent 008 Ball

Onslaught Arena

The Convergence





Web Snooker

Home GameSalad

Sand Trap

Word Squared

Blobby Volley



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