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20 Best Examples and Usage of Website Slider designs

The list of reasons for a website redesign includes different concerns and objectives for every enterprise, but designers and developers certainly know that outdated and clunky websites that are not search engine, user and mobile friendly should top the list. After that momentous leap, a lot of newer versions of the slider have risen from their novice status. It has been useful for web designers and developers because it marked the era of convenience, of not being forced to reload the whole page just to change the image (or use animations and Flash, which are now archaic).

Companies also turn to their in-house design teams or outside agencies to take advantage of third-party integrations and emerging trends and best practices, as you’ll read below. Here are 20 Best Examples and Usage of Website Slider designs for your inspiration. jQuery slider plugins evolved from their very primitive (but still alive and kicking) predecessors JPG, GIF and PNG files. Awesome web designers started tinkering a few code, thus, mixing these flat and static elements and poof!, it became a jQuery slider.

Having now known how cool sliders are, we were able to compile the coolest of the coolest. Below are ten awesome jQuery slider plugins that you will want to have in your website. So, here we go!

Ready for these best example of jQuery Slider

For one thing, we call them sliders because we just can’t have a consistent name for it. It is popular in different terms, like carousels, gallery, rotators and promos, but they all boil down to one pot: multiple content sharing on a single page. Slideshows and sliders are really interesting elements for organizing and showcasing content. They are not only used for images but also for general content and website navigation. So check out these examples and get some inspiration for how you might use a slider in your next project.


The most popular sliders for IGT Slots gaming website, Providing user easy access to each and every game.


Lake Nona

Lake Nona is 7,000-acre master planned community in Orlando. The site features a large parallax slideshow on the homepage that showcases the many features of this project.


Media Haux


Marie Catrib’s



Creamscoop is a small company focused on web developing, formed by two guys who started getting into web technologies since a very young age. We are proud to say, that we use the newest web standards and trends out there, making it easier for your business and projects to grow up faster.

Chrome Bags

treet tested for 14 years, Chrome Messenger Bags, Laptop Bags and Backpacks are built to last a lifetime, Guaranteed. San Francisco, California. Check out our Urban Cycling Apparel.


The online home of PUMA. Find the latest information about PUMA products, news and upcoming events.


Utah Travel

Utah Office of tourism, tourist information , Far more than just a state. Utah is a state of mind. Sculpted by wind, water and time, Utah’s landscape is the perfect canvas for your next adventure. From The Mighty 5 National Parks, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Zion to the Wasatch Mountain’s Greatest Snow on Earth, and all points in-between, Utah is the place where memories are made and experiences forged.


Lexus Car




Great colors, typography and texture. Once again HTML5 and a nice and clean slider.


 saturn tec





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