20 Best WordPress Design Templates, Based on Cherry Framework

If you’re one of the 100,000 people who pick WordPress for their website daily, this post will help you make your website look amazing virtually overnight!

The good thing about using an open-source platform is that it’s not only easier to build a website and post content on it, but also to give it a professional and stylish look. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the online world, so there are tons of predesigned themes for it available. Unlike a custom-created design, this theme will cost you less than a hundred dollars and can be installed and set up within just a day or two.

This post is a collection of ready-made design themes for WordPress, based on Cherry framework. They are easy to use, affordable, and have a few other benefits for you:


The world is going mobile and you know that. Users want a website that adapts to their devices so that they don’t have to struggle through a regular-sized design on the small screens of their smartphones. With one of these responsive themes, your website will be handy for those who browse it on mobile devices.

Easily Customizable

All twenty themes are Cherry framework-based, which means they are flexible and easy to personalize. You can change the elements of your design themes or replace all the images if you like. On the other hand, you are free to use the theme you bought “as is”: you get a license on all the images in the design.

Support and Help Provided

These themes are brought to you by
, the biggest provider of commercial design themes on the web. You will get 24/7 pre-sale and after-sale support, and can order installation and customization help for an affordable extra fee.

Now, let’s see if the perfect design for your WordPress website is among these twenty. If not, feel free to check out the largest collection of WordPress themes on!

Cat Club – Cat Responsive WordPress Theme

Darkly colored, this theme looks elegant and simple, and the pretty photos in the lightbox make it perfect for a website for cat owners.

Cat Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Global Business – Business Group Online WordPress Design

This sleek big-resolution theme looks modern and professional. It’s a great choice for a corporate website of a global company.

Business Group Online WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

World of Fashion – Model Agency Responsive WordPress Template

This trendy design with pink accents and gorgeous photos of models in the big lightbox will be a stylish choice for a model agency’s web page or a fashion blog.

Model Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fresh & Tasty – Cooking Recipes Online WordPress Template

The mouth-watering images in the lightbox are the center of this mobile-ready design, and the white and green color scheme makes it look very fresh. It’s a perfect design for a cooking blog or a restaurant’s website.

Cooking Recipes Online WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Subtle Beauty – Plastic Surgery WordPress Design

Combining lots of white and a light shade of lilac, this responsive design looks clean and subtle – exactly what a website on plastic surgery needs.

Plastic Surgery WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hot Pepper – Mexican Cuisine WordPress Theme

This stylish mobile-friendly design uses bold red accents and the image of chili peppers in the background, which makes it just right for a Mexican restaurant’s website or a web page on Mexican food.

Mexican Kitchen WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Paradise Travel – Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Template

The combination of a rich brown background with lovely photos gives this design a warm and pleasant look. It will work well for a travel agency’s website.

Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Tasteful Jewelry – Jewelry Responsive WordPress Theme

Using subtle beige shades, this big-resolution design looks very tasteful. It will make a great website on jewelry.

Jewelry Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Creative Garden – Garden Design Responsive WordPress Template

With its beautiful background of dark wood and stunning green photos of gardens, this theme looks very attractive and will be a great choice for a website on landscape design.

Garden Design Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Charity Mission – Metaphor Charity WordPress Design

This big-resolution design offers an unusual combination of black-and-white photos in the lightbox and bright colors in the rest of the design. The theme looks modern and eye-catching, which will be good for the website of a charity organization.

Metaphor Charity WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Marketing Gurus – White Space Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

With an interesting background, the theme looks pretty original, and even though the page is rich in information, the design remains clean. It’s a good choice for an innovative marketing agency.

White Space Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fashion Magazine – Modern Fashion WordPress Template

With a pretty color scheme and unusual backgrounds, this mobile-ready design looks stylish and will be the right fit for an online version of a fashion magazine.

Modern Fashion WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Expecting a Baby – Pregnancy Responsive WordPress Theme

This design looks very pretty with the cute icons and backgrounds. It’s the right choice for a website on pregnancy.

Pregnancy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Floral Beauty – Flowers Responsive WordPress Template

This design uses neutral light gray and interesting textured backgrounds, which harmonize with the bright images of flowers. It’s a good choice for a website on floral design or an online flowers delivery service.

Flowers Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Excellent Education – Flat University WordPress Design

This trendy “flat” design with bold color accents is simple, but has a youthful and energetic look. The template is also mobile user-friendly. That’s exactly what the website of a university needs.

Flat University WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Purchase a Home – Light Mortgage WordPress Theme

This big-resolution mobile-friendly theme uses classic colors and fancy fonts, which makes it look clean and elegant. It’s a good choice for a website of a mortgage company.

Light Mortgage WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Simple Portfolio – Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Template

With a prettily designed background and a big lightbox for displaying photos, this portfolio theme looks simple, but tasteful. It’s a great choice for a photographer’s website.

Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Movie Hits – Movie Responsive WordPress Design

This theme looks clean and simple, using lots of white to put an emphasis on the posters of the new movie hits. It’s a great design for a website on movies or a cinema’s web page.

Movie Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Stylish Black – Elegant Car WordPress Theme

This responsive theme uses a classy dark background and simple lines, which makes it looks elegant and stylish. It’s perfect for a website on elite cars.

Elegant Car WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Green Energy – Wind Energy Responsive WordPress Template

Combining white and cyan accents, this design looks clean and fresh. It’s a great theme for a website on green energy and ecology.

Wind Energy Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

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