20+ Brilliant Examples Of Abstract Smoke Art

Smoke art, in its simplest definition is art that features smoke. The smoke can be considered the subject or the medium to create something else. Some focus on its own beauty and pureness, others use it as ‘paint’ to create stunning artwork. Most designers and photographers make use of smoke to achieve powerful and dramatic effect in their photographs or designs. For example, we usually see smoke in many fantasy 3D wallpapers. Digital smoke in combination with lighting effects also create stunning piece of art. Our today’s post is also linked to smoke art so let’s have a look below and give us your comments. Enjoy.


Phase jump

Cutting edge

Fire dancer

Not enough light

I want out

And there was light

In search of second sun

Falls of underworld






Balance of light

Guns and roses


Young heart




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  1. The smoke effect and the mix between gray, black and white looks wonderful. I like particularly Cutting Edge and Anatomy, these two images are special for me. Thanks!

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