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20 Cursed Afterlife tattoo designs

Cursed Afterlife tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs since first tattoo was inked on human body. Designers and tattoo artist most commonly draw skull and cross bones, curse, death, coffins, zombies, bones, skeleton and things back from grave etc. For your inspiration today we have showcased Fresh and New colorful 20 Cursed Afterlife tattoo designs. Hope you will find something interesting from afterlife tattoos for your next design to inspire your friends, girl friend or boy friend.

Back From The Grave


Jack The Ripper

The Snake And Geisha

The Native Girl

Edgar Allan Poe Bookmark

Coffin Hand

I Want Your Skull

Gill Man


Zombie Gypsy

Victorian Zombie Gent

Reaper Sugar Skull

Billy Zombie Bookmark

Insomnia death

Sugar Skull and Cross Bones

Sailor Zombie Pin Up Bookmark

Monster Bride Tattoo Flash



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