20 Gorgeous Vintage Business Card Designs

Who said vintage mode was never been good-looking in business card designs? If you’re in search of vintage business card inspiration, then this is what you’re looking for. Today we have collected some of the best business cards applying vintage concept on their layout. There’s something about using vintage elements that give a design a refreshing appearance. Applied in business cards, it can give the card a distinct and memorable look. For your inspiration, here is a showcase “20 Gorgeous Vintage Business Card Designs”. This will really  amuse you..

Ellen Jackson

Matthew Richmond



Harmonie Interiéure

Linneas Lights

CS Post & Co

Theatre of Dream




Sucker Jeans

Ellen Jackson

Koch’s Restaurant



DJ Kreme

Limited Press

Joe K. French, Wood Engraver

Onondaga Vitrified Brick Company

J. M. Schoonmaker

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