20+ Most Beautiful 3D CG Girl illustrations ever drawn

Being a Graphic designer 3D CG Artwork inspire me a bit more than other genre’s, my understanding its a medium with endless options with moveable stuff that are beyond linear some time and thinking. Today for your supply of inspiration, we have pubished 20+ Most Beautiful 3D CG Girl illustrations ever drawn, which are memoirs and reminiscences from alternate states of existence. After viewing these girls I’m sure that you will be having a vision to see stuff that originate from another realm, by which, to belief, you want to be around now and after.

My Major motivation like a visual artist would be to translate the retrieved information right into a visual form, to ensure that it may be distributed to others and possibly expand their awareness and inspire new methods for thinking. This really is my contribution towards the society being an artist.

Enjoying summer break, yinxuan Li Dezarmenien (3D)

enjoying summer

The Weeping Woman, Carlos Ortega Elizalde (3D)


Pinup Girl, Anders Ehrenborg (3D)

pinup girl

Bannana Girl

bannana girl2

Cheers!, Carlos Ortega Elizalde (3D)

Cheers cg girl

One Last Look

One Last Look

Tangerine Sea

Tangerine Sea

Life in pink-Picnic Day, yinxuan Li Dezarmenien (3D)

Life in pink Picnic Day

Lolli Pop Girl

lolli pop girl

Mirtini Girl

Martini Girl

Life in Pink Sports Session

Life in pink-Sports

Olivia Painting

Olivia pinting

Cathy Ray

Cathy Ray

TRON pinup

TRON pinup

Ooh la la!

Ooh la la

Suzie Kickin’ back

Suzie Kickin back

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