20 Most Impressive Round corner business cards in Letterpress

I have always liked round corners business cards as I believe they are more presentable then traditional ones. Rounded corner business cards have the same surface area as the traditional business card. So if you want business card printing then always use specialized printing companies because they are printed as normal square cards but need specialized cutting to give them proper round shape.

These days business cards are the most popular and quick form of advertisement which leave quick and best impression over clients. It would be easy to stack your business cards with the rest, otherwise there is a big possibility that your business card might just end up in places like the trash bins. In this article to inpress you we have gathered 20 Most Impressive Round corner business cards in Letterpress with stunning fonts and embos effects.


Die-cut letterpress

Anna letterpress


Jen Huang

Lambert Letterpress


Chef Boulder

BR LetterPress Business card

Darren Sabino

Foil & Letterpress

Letterpress Balsa Wood Business Cards

Red Rocket


Bellis Studios

Van Rozeboom Interiors


Andrea Tunbridge


Marie Tom

 Domestic Contruction

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