20 Strobist Flash Photography Portraits By Anthony Kurtz

series of Strobist Flash Photography

Today we are going to share a series of Strobist Flash Photography of craftsman and artist captured by a talented artist Anthony Kurtz. He is an award-winning, European, Fine-Art, Editorial and Commercial photographer based in San Francisco. He specializes in Environmental Portraiture and Landscapes.

A strobist is a photographer who uses off-camera flash (OCF) tocapture photography. Instead of the usual pop-up flash or Speedlight attached on top of the camera, strobists use OCF to achieve more pleasing and more dynamic photographs. This is a result of the placement of the light, since it is not limited to one direction, i.e. the top of the lens. With off-camera flashes, you can experiment to achieve better results.

What do you need?

  • A camera.
    DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex) any DSLR Cameras can be bought. You can change things like Aperture, Shutter, ISO, White Balance and other basic things. However a point and shoot camera will not do you much help.
  • At least 1 (one) flash.
    You do need at least one flash. Your creativity will meet new awesome ranges.
  • Connection between camera and flash.
    There are 3 easy ways to do this:
1. Camera’s built in wireless flash control.
2. Flash Triggers and Receivers (Pocketwizards, Cybersyncs, eBay remotes).
3. Flash to Camera Sync Chord.

Check out blow some examples of Strobist flash pohotography and enhance your photography ideas. Enjoy!


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