25 Cool Hi-Res Wallpapers to change your mood

A desktop without a good wallpaper looks like you are working on an old age dos-based computer. Wallpapers can be creative, inspiring and elegant. If you are a designer, you probably need a desktop wallpaper that inspires you to create something creative and original. Cool wallpapers give you an extra boost and peace to work more. Today we have presented 25 Cool Hi-Res wallpapers to fit your large screens created by some hard-working and dedicated designers and photographers.

Wide screen High Resolution wallpapers


Against yourself

Big Brother

Ready to Fly

City Never sleep

Teacher a-sleep

Unknown Destination

Capsules of Life

A Killer Looks

Relax with Habana’s


Wat A Dashboard

Lonely Skies

Light Balls

Do you know me?


Look at me


Running job



Shut your Mouth

Tinker Cloud Management

Mechanical PacMan

Animal Talks


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