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25 excellent photos from the competition Sony World Photography Awards

Beauty Photo Contest 2015 Sony World Photography Awards this year gathered 173 444 beautiful photographs from around the world, all genres by photographers from amateur to professional, award $ 30,000 will be divided to 26 items of 13 professional tournaments, 10 of the free and the promising 3 young tournaments .

Photos from the competition Sony World Photography Awards

Please see Synthetic 25 is a beautiful picture of this award.


On the Tundra of Simon Morris, category People. This photo shooting an ethnic Nenets boys playing in the cold -40 degrees C in Siberia.


Frog Story  of Harfian Herdi , genre Nature, Wilderness.


Old Sherpherd of Saeed Barikani, genre People. Snapshot an old man herding sheep in the countryside Gilan, Iran.


Cat Mothers of Ramil Gilvano, genre Life style . The picture impressed by her funny cat pose.


Caesar’s Christain Berthelot, Portrait category.


Hundred And Forty Centimeters (140cm) of Sabine Lewanowski ,genre People. Photo record sleeping patterns of a girl with Down syndrome.


“A Life Apart: The Toll Of Obesity” by Lisa Kranttz, Issues genre of contemporary society. The black shirt is Garcia is facing severe obesity, his weight up to 288.5 kg. At one time he stuck in the toilet and had to ask the help of new rescue out to be. According to statistics, in the United States to 6.3% in the obese population, “Premier League” like Garcia. Obesity “outstanding” are those with a BMI greater than 40 bodies, or weigh more than 45kg compared to the ideal.


Blood Sweat and Marcin Kloce, genre Sports.


Pray Muhammad Berkati, genre Culture & Arts. Photo taken where a Muslim praying in Bromo, Indonesia.


Restricted Areas of Danila Tkachenko.


Underwater Grace Chin Tiong Jonathan Yeap, genre Sports. Photo record workout scene of a dance team practicing water in Singapore.


Blue Fields of Simon Butterworth, Landscape genre. Photo taken at an altitude of about 1300 m.


The Secondary Trainer Anthony Kham, genre Sports.


Acid Survivors in India by Jordi Pizarro, genre image of human perception. Photos recording the face of a woman disfigured after acid attacks, the wall is a picture of her beautiful face while healthy.


Animal Behavior of Kimmo Metsaranta, genres Still lifes image.


Swedish Johan Bavman Dad, genre People. In Sweden, men are allowed to stay for 16 months (480 days) to stay home to care for his wife and newborn policies to help men list shows the responsibility for her small family.


Shadow City of Ronaldo  Land,  Sports. A young man is playing windsurfing in Rio de Janeiro, in front of the two police officers are patrolling.


Pelican Feeding of Melissa Little, genre Nature . The pelicans are queued up for food to be found, plaque inscription Prohibition litter, violations fined $ 315.


Exuberance of Kapuschinsky Christine Johnson, genre Smile.


Miracle Mile of Gina Nero, genre Architecture . Illustration caption this photo is “my first photo shoot after leaving New York via Los Angeles live”.


“Glasgow; Second City of the Empire. On the tremors up to the Scottish referendum” of Dougie Wallace, genre Portrait .


Headless of Adrian Jaszczak, genre Culture & Arts.


Futuristic Archaeology of Daesung Lee. Currently there are up to 35% fraction Mongolian nomadic life style, government statistics said there are 850 lakes and 2,000 rivers and streams in the country was drained dry.


Une CriseHumanitaire2 of CorentinFohlen,  genre Social Issues. Guidi Oumarou 19 years old and 2 year old son was in the hospital Mama Sale Gore to treat malnutrition. Guidi was a refugee fleeing war in central Africa.

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