25 Free well designed web interfaces and templates

These days Web Design is changed and in coming days everything will be control via user interface elements to create a model of user interface either of a website or software. For that, they need wireframing and UI design kits which help them mock-up the user interface. Its not all about making a layout, its about making a interface or you can say environment for any product/service etc.  We Web Designers has break that wall too. Here we’ve compiled 25 Free well designed web interfaces and templates for your inspiration. Enjoy.

Humaan Website

beta portfolio

Portfolio Web Template

Bionic Battle Browser Bots

HTML5 Video Semantic Markup

Pesronal design

Talk Like A Pirate Day v2

FRSH+BTS Productions

deadnote.danse Webdesign

VLAB Site Template


Paramount Studios Pitch Design

Bowmore Whiskey

Official Site for Trevor Bayne

iPhone App Site

Bday Wish Web Templates

Jutters Web Templates

web templates

Web Template kids

web template

MF media web design

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