30+ Fantasy Art Of Body Painting Examples

Art Of Body Painting

Body painting is a part of body art. Body and face painting is well-known as beautiful and old-style artwork which use in festivities. Some of the most stunning paint and skin jobs involve transforming the model into a completely different kind of human being or colorful animals. We never thought that the body can be used as a medium for artistic expression in many ways, which are shown in our today’s article “30+ Fantasy Art Of Body Painting Examples” we hope you will like our today’s artwork round-up. Enjoy.

The 2 Dragons

Art Of Body Painting


Fantasy Art Body Painting

Two Dragons Or.Ver

Fantasy Art Body Painting

In The Cage

Fantasy Art Body Painting

Dualism Butterfly

body painting butterfly

The White Tiger

body painting white tiger

New Red Dragon

body painting red dragon

Face Painting

body face painting


beautiful body painting

Kunoichi Rita-Backside

body painting backside


body painting steph

Face Paint – Circus Angel

face painting angel

Wild Tiger

face painting tiger

Body Painting

body painting back

The CAT-Self Painted 2

body painting cat

Imma Tiger2

body painting imma tiger 2

Mrs. Norris the Cat

body painting norris the cat

Welcome To Savannah

face painting savannah

Tantomile, CATS the Musical

face painting musical cats

Bomba From The Musical CATS

face painting bomba cats

Female Rum Tum Tugger

face painting rum tum tugger


face painting leo


face painting cheetah

Face Paint

face painting

Black Spider Queen

body painting spider

Crazy Nature

crazy face painting

Masquerade II

face painting masquerade II

Rainbow ME

face painting rainbow

Madame Butterfly

body painting butterfly

GM Mermaid Welsh Fect

body painting welsh fect

Fall Fairy Dress Up XD

body painting fairy dress



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