40 Fresh Fonts Every Designer Should Try

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designer font
Welcome to another jam-packed article of 30 Fresh Fonts which every designer should try and I am sure they will make your design job (poster, brochure or a web design etc) easy , we have showcased more new type and trendy fonts which are better than many other popular fonts available on popular font websites.

Highlights of this article — from full-featured multi-weight/width sans-serif families to some of the most original display type in the world — and we are certain that you’ll find plenty of useful bits and pieces to add to your type library.


40 fresh fonts for designers

Fakir is a Hindu ascetic or religious mendicant, especially one who performs feats of magic or endurance. The well known feats performed by them include sitting steadily on a bed of nails and walking on burning coals.


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Capsa is a typeface designed for use in books. Although inspired by Gros Romain Ordinaire and Saint Augustin Gros Oeil from the Type Specimens of Claude Lamesle, this typeface does not intend to be a revival or an interpretation. The Vignettes and Patterns provide a very classic yet contemporary look to the design.


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A paper-clip-inspired typeface with character. Agrafa is a technical but versatile display face that works well in both large and small sizes. Most of the glyphs are made from one continuous line and shows the constraints of bending a paperclip/wire. The family consist of four weights, Hairline, Thin, Light and Book, last three also comes with an oblique companion. While Hairline works best for setting large headlines/words, the Book weight can be used even for small size texts.


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Mary Read is a modern handwritten typeface inspired by the wind and the sea. Harsh curves are combined with graceful swashes. For typographic variety Mary Read offers a range of features and extras: initial forms, final forms, swash letters, swashes and alternates. Just in case you have a message for the world, you could just put it on a Mary Read Flag. It is said, a subtle feeling of courage passes on to readers of Mary Read letters.


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Blou is a custom font which is applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items


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Punchcutters (when types had to be cut, and not just drawn), were working with steel, a strong metal they had to sculpt. They were subject to physical contingencies: each type cast was engraved separately and, as we move down into the smaller type sizes, the drawing was adapted to new specific data encountered — fine hairlines—hence fragile—need to be reinforced, the curves simplified and the width spacing slightly increased to prevent the ink from clogging up the composition. So, each body size had its own drawing, mostly given by merely physical limits relating to the dexterity and eyesight of the punchcutter… and of the reader, too.


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This downloadable font has silly written all over it. Its versatile style makes it useful for all sorts of absurd or comical themes.


30 fresh fonts

The font was inspired by the persistent demands of editors for scripts which actually looked like real handwriting, a lot of historical fiction projects and a love of maps. While making a map for a prequel to Treasure Island I decided to make a font from the lettering of some Caribbean maps of the period.

The glyphs are all hand drawn vector outlines which although very legible and consistent in style carry the variation and irregularity you expect from handwriting.


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Picklepie was created by Lydia, aged around 6 at the time, for use in her own artwork and things like party invitations, birthday cards and secret files. It looked so lively, happy and original that, with encouragement from me, her dad, she went on to draw all the letter and number forms, including alternate versions of some, entirely unaided. I then elaborated the other characters, doing my best to preserve the delightful logic and spontaneity of her work.

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