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40 Fresh Fonts Every Designer Should Try

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Welcome to another jam-packed article of 30 Fresh Fonts which every designer should try and I am sure they will make your design job (poster, brochure or a web design etc) easy , we have showcased more new type and trendy fonts which are better than many other popular fonts available on popular font websites.

Highlights of this article — from full-featured multi-weight/width sans-serif families to some of the most original display type in the world — and we are certain that you’ll find plenty of useful bits and pieces to add to your type library.


40 fresh fonts for designers

Fakir is a Hindu ascetic or religious mendicant, especially one who performs feats of magic or endurance. The well known feats performed by them include sitting steadily on a bed of nails and walking on burning coals.


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Capsa is a typeface designed for use in books. Although inspired by Gros Romain Ordinaire and Saint Augustin Gros Oeil from the Type Specimens of Claude Lamesle, this typeface does not intend to be a revival or an interpretation. The Vignettes and Patterns provide a very classic yet contemporary look to the design.


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A paper-clip-inspired typeface with character. Agrafa is a technical but versatile display face that works well in both large and small sizes. Most of the glyphs are made from one continuous line and shows the constraints of bending a paperclip/wire. The family consist of four weights, Hairline, Thin, Light and Book, last three also comes with an oblique companion. While Hairline works best for setting large headlines/words, the Book weight can be used even for small size texts.


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Mary Read is a modern handwritten typeface inspired by the wind and the sea. Harsh curves are combined with graceful swashes. For typographic variety Mary Read offers a range of features and extras: initial forms, final forms, swash letters, swashes and alternates. Just in case you have a message for the world, you could just put it on a Mary Read Flag. It is said, a subtle feeling of courage passes on to readers of Mary Read letters.


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Blou is a custom font which is applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items


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Punchcutters (when types had to be cut, and not just drawn), were working with steel, a strong metal they had to sculpt. They were subject to physical contingencies: each type cast was engraved separately and, as we move down into the smaller type sizes, the drawing was adapted to new specific data encountered — fine hairlines—hence fragile—need to be reinforced, the curves simplified and the width spacing slightly increased to prevent the ink from clogging up the composition. So, each body size had its own drawing, mostly given by merely physical limits relating to the dexterity and eyesight of the punchcutter… and of the reader, too.


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This downloadable font has silly written all over it. Its versatile style makes it useful for all sorts of absurd or comical themes.


30 fresh fonts

The font was inspired by the persistent demands of editors for scripts which actually looked like real handwriting, a lot of historical fiction projects and a love of maps. While making a map for a prequel to Treasure Island I decided to make a font from the lettering of some Caribbean maps of the period.

The glyphs are all hand drawn vector outlines which although very legible and consistent in style carry the variation and irregularity you expect from handwriting.


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Picklepie was created by Lydia, aged around 6 at the time, for use in her own artwork and things like party invitations, birthday cards and secret files. It looked so lively, happy and original that, with encouragement from me, her dad, she went on to draw all the letter and number forms, including alternate versions of some, entirely unaided. I then elaborated the other characters, doing my best to preserve the delightful logic and spontaneity of her work.

Picklepie makes you smile. It has the joyful, fearless and inventive spirit of its creator, and everyone who’s seen it loves it. It looks great used big and bold, and really zings when you color it in.


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Mogtahid is Algerian designer Nasri Abdallah’s font foundry, and he brings us four experimental faces and the promise of many more in multiple alphabets. is a layered display face ideal for multicolor setting; Maxpin approximates a pin printer, and includes both Latin and — given the 7 × 8 modular grid — a surprisingly readable Arabic character set; Actualite integrates a halftone background into an interesting, horizontally-connected display face, and Authentic Quartz is just that — a digitization of an authentic quartz-matrix display — and is very attractive in large display settings. Abdallah has been a very active member of Algeria’s graphic and type design community since the early 1960s and today, as a 56-year-old grandfather, pours his energy primarily into research and type design.


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Outliner is a typeface specially designed for use with outline strokes. It is based on Urtd’s unpublished monospace typeface Monoxil, which worked well with outlines applied to it. However, a lot of adjustment and editing was needed to get it to work perfectly, so designing a new typeface was a logical next step.


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Authentic Ink is an old fraktur font, translated into the 21st Century, with the ease of urban street art. This OpenType font contains 3 styles: Ink Normal, Ink Drips, Ink Initial. Each style contains ligatures, 3 stylistic-sets with alternates and swashes, ornaments and icons. Authentic Ink represents the lifestyle of urban tattoo- and street culture. Tattoo- and lettering style from East L. A., as well as graffiti and street art, were influential for the development of this font.


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Hiekka Graphics, the child of Finnish designer Ossi Gustafsson, brings us the very fat slab face Akimoto, ideal for extremely powerful and authoritative display work.


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Bromwich is a piece of brand new Edwardian fun. In the spirit of railway travel posters and illustrated news journals, it’s a wonderful font for poster design, or for book covers and other work with a period theme. Need something for a menu or placecards for a period themed function? Designing a book cover for a period novel? Bromwich is the face for you


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Kerp introduces the new trend in handwriting practice for kids in preK-Kindergarten. It’s fun, unique and visually stimulating that will encourage any young “alphabet tracers” to find joy while learning their ABCs. This TrueType font is great for creating personalized tracing worksheets, flashcards and even home-made greeting cards. For best results, big fonts are highly recommended to see the fine details of each character.


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Who needs counters? Although this typeface is bold as hell, it is still absolutely legible. If You are looking for fat curves, this is may be Your choice! There are also extra letters (A, V, v) to let You make better logos and headlines. Please take also a look at Dollbats for suitable Arrows, Symbols and Numbers.


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Deva Ideal was inspired by women’s beauty. It didn’t come only from the desire to create a new typeface. It also seeks to materialize beauty in a visual form. Instead of imitating the shapes of the female body or other formal attributes, Deva Ideal is an abstract expression of the women’s beauty.

The unique character of the typeface is achieved by the use of soft, almost invisibly bent strokes, since one of the priorities of the typeface is not to disturb the eye of the reader with odd design details. Deva Ideal excels in her cold beauty and shows her sex appeal. The soft curves present in Deva Ideal differ from the masculine and technical shapes used in most contemporary typefaces.


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GarciaToons is a dingbats type family integrated by 3 styles: GarciaToons Bunny, GarciaToons Cat, and GarciaToons Mouse.

GarciaToons can be defined as a type cartoon to read some text situations at a glance. It is a contemporary type tool for seasoning texts in a way that simple words are insufficient to express. GarciaToons is about funny and fresh real-life communication needs, the ones we facing anytime anywhere in our daily writing issues.


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A fresh new decorative display face bubbling with life & spontaneity, Jabberwub belongs to a rare genus of creature fonts that time forgotócasual animated. A fun & bouncy eye-catcher that crosses into the land of the zany, dancing a whacky line between discord & rhyme, Jabberwub packs tons of fun into a state-of-the-art OpenType font loaded with 270 extra glyphs, including stylistic alternates, discretionary ligatures, word ligatures and capitalized ligatures, allowing creative typographers to achieve a custom hand-lettered look without all the mess & spilt glue of a manual paste-up job. Just like using rub-down type but it never cracks or splits, and it never runs out. The moment you start using Jabberwub you’ll be laffing!


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Layal is an Arabetic type design with a calligraphic flavor. It follows the guidelines of the Mutamathil Taqlidi type style with one glyph for every basic Arabic Unicode character or letter, as defined in Unicode Standards version 5.1, and one additional, final-position, glyph for each Arabic letter that is normally connected with other letters from both sides in traditional cursive Arabic strings. Layal employs variable x-height values.


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A round modular typeface inspired by British movie posters of the 1970s such as Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.


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Longinus Pro, an antique script straight out of 14th-century incunabula. Packed with alternates and ligatures, swash beginning- and end-of-line characters and accents, it’s all you need to recreate your own historical manuscript.


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Tomate started in 2006 as a brush lettering exercise for a poster and was later used for the ReType identity. In 2008 its author decided to turn it into a super fat typeface suitable for packaging and mass consumption products. The possibilities of ultra heavy forms are explored in this alphabet; trying to solve the design problems that these sort of forms present.


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Hachura is an impressionist typeface designed by Ricardo Esteves Gomes. Its general proportions are based on the garalde models, with traditional roman serifs. It was initially made by hand using a drawing technique to create a font that simulates the unfinished aspect of a work in constant progress.

This textured face is useful for display sizes, making a very visible presence. Because of its basic dimensions and careful distribution of black and white, it still also very readable in text sizes like 10 or 8 points.


greeks alphabetic fonts

Greek alphabets for the fraternity and sorority set. Now an amazing 17 fonts in one pack. Plus you don’t just get Greek characters. Romans get in on the act too. And numbers and punctuation–a full range of keyboard characters to see all of your layout needs done fast and done right.


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You want to say TOXIC, POISON, DANGER, YOU GONNA DIE SUCKA? Use a ToxIcon. ToxIcons come in a variety of delightfully deathly classic poison flavors: realistic, mechanical, futuristic, comical, and demonic. Just about anybody will find their poison with ToxIcons, but just for spice these fonts include biohazard, radiation and even cow skull symbols.


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A stylized typeface directly inspired by the movie poster artwork for The Man Who Fell To Earth starring David Bowie.

Calligraphia latina soft

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Intellecta has been busy, recently adding a number of their usual highly-detailed classic calligraphic faces: decorated initials, in Calligraphia Latina Soft; very ornate ornaments in Calligraphia Latina Soft 2; frames and other decorative items in AllerleiZierat; some rather naughty alphabetic nudes in Silvestre Weygel, an almost unbelievably decorated lombardic in Syl, and a dozen others, all of which will be attractive to fans of historic type.


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Blue Goblet Ornaments are the ornament complement to Blue Goblet, a fun and whimsical brush script. These lively and cheerful ornaments can be resized and rotated easily without any loss of quality and can easily be converted to outlines and modified. Combine them to form unique compositions or insert them into text to add some excitement to your designs.


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Diad was born on 2000 in order to design posters about second World War. The original idea was obtained by breaking, burning and getting wet a bunch of written copies with an old writing machine. Today, Diad is a small typographic system useful for bringing relevance to any content with a grunge look. Each and every detail passed through a strict experimentation process.


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Weird Bill is Squid’s tribute to his most prominent influence, Bill Campbell, model kit box illustrator extraordinaire and creator of the Weird-Ohs!.Bill’s series of goofy monster model kits in the early 1960s was such a hit that it has been reissued twice!

Weird Bill is fun, freaky, frantic and full of frenetic frappery!

For more info on Bill Campbell check out

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