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30 Funny Examples of “Celebrity Caricature Art”

Caricatures is the Illustration art, in which designer exaggerate prominent features of the subject or model in a funny way. The origin of this art started from news papers when cartoon caricatures of politicians were commonly used in editorials but now it is most common and popular Fanart of celebrities, sportman and polititions and it can be found these days in entertainment and gossip magazines. To bring a smile on your faces we have compiled 30 Funny Examples of “Celebrity Caricature Art”

The following caricature design examples characterize a variety of personalities, from past icons to present superstars, from famous fictional characters to everyday real ones. If you’ve been looking for caricature inspiration for a while, we hope this post gives you that spark – and maybe even a smirk or two to boot!

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Jennifer Aniston

antonio bendaras

Brigitte Bardot


Bruce Willis

oscar winning

oscar winning 2

Vincent van Gogh

Mr Bean

mr bean

Bruce Lee

Usain Bolt

john travolta

john travolta

William Shakespeare

Clint Eastwood caricature 2

dave grohl

Mrs. Lovette Helena Bonham Carter

Rene Descartes

Natasja Crone

Sean Leonard

Friedrich Nietzsche



charles bronson


obama carricature

Lisa Edelstein

Scarlet Johannson

Charlie Sheen

Tim Roth

brad pitt

Kiefer Sutherland

celeb trio



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