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30 New Ponytails Trends to Try This Summer

Summers are something that can cause irritation in a lot of ways. Messy open hair are one of them. For summers the hairstyle that is appreciated is the ponytail. There are a lot of ways to style a ponytail. You just have to figure out which style looks best on you. Let’s have a look at some of the different ponytail hairstyles that you can adopt.

Ponytail Idea 20

Long And Silky:

This hairstyle is worn by the super star Beyoncé. To get silky ponytail out of your long hair, you have to use a styling wax from the roots till the ends in order to provide grip, and to have a smooth shiny hair. Once you are done with the wax, secure your hair into a low ponytail. Wrap a section of your hair around the base for a more chick look.

Wound Down:

This type of ponytail has some loose pieces of hair strands that frame the face. The base is spiral-wrapped which adds a beautiful bohemian feel to the style. To get this ponytail, you have to use some hairspray first to give it some texture. Leave some strands and secure the rest in a side ponytail. Secure its base with the left strands. Use some pins to secure the ponytail from sliding down.

Teased Crown:

In order to get this look right, you have to add some volume to your hair. Use some hair spray and tease the Mohawk part of your hair. Smooth the hair at the back with the help of a brush. Make a ponytail out of them and use a curling iron to wind the ends.

Fringe Ponytail:

This ponytail is really shiny and classic. If you do not make it shiny, it will not look good. Inspired by Taylor Swift, a fringe ponytail basically focuses upon your fringes at the front. Use a blow dryer and a rolling brush to set up your bangs. Tease the roots lightly for a fuller look, then secure the rest of your hair in a beautiful tight ponytail. Use a shining spray to complete the look.

Airy and Light:

This ponytail is perfect for those women who do not have time to spend on their hairstyle. It give you’re a sexy look without any effort. Eliminate the grease and use some dry shampoo and secure your hair in a messy ponytail. Leave some hair on the top and ruffle them with fingers for a more tousled look.

Have a look at some of the beautiful and inspiring examples of ponytail hairstyles below.

Ponytail Idea 27

Ponytail Idea 28

Ponytail Idea 2

Ponytail Idea 3

Ponytail Idea 4

Ponytail Idea 5

Ponytail Idea 6

Ponytail Idea 7

Ponytail Idea 8

Ponytail Idea 9

Ponytail Idea 10

Ponytail Idea 11

Ponytail Idea 12

Ponytail Idea 13

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Ponytail Idea 15

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Ponytail Idea 17

Ponytail Idea 19

Ponytail Idea 21

Ponytail Idea 22

Ponytail Idea 23

Ponytail Idea 24

Ponytail Idea 26

Ponytail Idea 27

Ponytail Idea 28

Ponytail Idea 29

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