30 Professional Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe After Effects is primarily used for creating motion graphics and visual effects. After Effects allows users to animate, alter, and composite media in 2D and 3D space with various built-in tools and third party plug-ins, as well as individual attention to variables like parallax  and user-adjustable angle of observation.

Both After Effects and some non-linear editing systems (NLEs) are layer-oriented, meaning that each individual media object (video clip, audio clip, still image, etc.) occupies its own track. In contrast, other NLEs use a system where individual media objects can occupy the same track as long as they do not overlap in time. This track-oriented system is more suited for editing and can keep project files much more concise. The layer-oriented system that After Effects adopts is suited for extensive effects work and keyframing. Although other compositing packages—especially ones that employ tree or node workflows, such as Apple Shake—are better suited to manage large volumes of objects within a composite, After Effects is able to somewhat counter the clutter by selectively hiding layers (using the Shy switch) or by grouping them into pre-compositions. Check out these free tutorials.

If you ever struggled with AfterEffects and need to brush up your skills, than here is the list of highly effective video tutorials to get started with. They will guide you through advanced and challenging aspects of massively popular AfterEffects multimedia application. Plus you’ll be able to master this software to create compelling effects and deliver unmatched creative power for film and broadcast, video productions or animated web graphics.

Get into the multimedia field with truly professional standards. To begin getting the very most out of powerful AfterEffects please review the sections below to view helpful video tutorials. With thorough understanding they provide, you will be able to easily solve some of the trickier design aspects. Feel free to experiment and enjoy the new AfterEffects masterpieces.

3D Ledge

• Integrate 3D with Live Action footage using 2D tracking
• Includes steps for 3D Max & Cinema 4D or use AE only

Adobe After Effects Tutorials


• Create a progressive shatter effect in After Effects
• Composite with Glows and add subtle camera shake

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

3D Ball Dispersion

• Create a ball transition effect with CC Ball Action
• Use multiple layers to cascade the effect sequentially

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Smoke Trails

• Create realistic smoke trails with Particular particles
• Randomize the look of a cloud texture with 3d turbulence

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Glass Orbs

• Use After Effects to create shiny glass orbs in 3D
• Create a spherical and reflection map from images

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Dynamic Bar Graphs

• Create a dynamic bar graph with customizable values
• Streamline graph production without sacrificing quality

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Reflection Plug-in

• Download and use our free reflection Plug-in
• Customize the look of the reflection in 3D space

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Lightning Strike

• Add Rain & Atmosphere then build a Lightning Bolt
• Use Action Essentials 2 and make Sam explode

Adobe After Effects Tutorials


• Animate a camera through one surface to another below
• Combine camera mapping techniques with real texture

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Particle Explosion

• Build a complex particle system using CC Particle World
• Synchronize the particle blast to shatter a title

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

3D Light Casting

• Create an energy-ball that re-lights the road surface
• Use reverse-tracking and build a volumetric point light

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Blueprint Reveal

• Create a draw-on blue print title card
• Use the scribble effect and stoke to write

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

DVD Authoring

• Create a DVD menu and export for DVD authoring
• Use Encore to build buttons and loop menus

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Ancient Titles

• Create particles that only appear in the light beams
• Bevel the title and create a realistic soft shadow

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Futuristic HUD

• Create 3D interface display as seen in Iron Man’s helmet
• Build self-animating components and artificial lighting

Adobe After Effects Tutorials


• Build a furious procedural Disintegration effect in AE
• Use displacement, turbulence and particle world

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

3D City

• Create a stylistic 3D city with 2D images in AE
• Built advanced structures and simulate lighting

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Fracture Design

• Fracture layers and manipulate in 3D space with ease
• Use expressions, scripts and create a distressed title

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

The Ring

• Build a silver ring in After Effects with a particle wipe
• Use valueAtTime expression to automate over time

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Energetic Titles

• Use Sure Target preset to achieve advanced 3d moves
• Learn advanced tips and create “3d-looking” titles

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

3D Falloff

• Control 3D layers so they fade away in the distance
• Create a cool design and manipulate the powerful preset

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Energy Wipe

• Create a fluid energy wipe with built-in particles
• Blend title using turbulent displacement

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Soul Removal

• Create Energy particle system in After Effects
• Add facial Distortion and handy expressions

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Speed Particles

• Use expressions to drive particles based on speed
• Create sandy like particles that fly off of text

Adobe After Effects Tutorials


• Create a complex energy scene with CC particle world
• Animate particles in 3D with multiple instances

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Advanced Car Hit

• Create a realistic vehicle collision with body damage
• Discover Keying tips, the puppet tool and much more

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Stabilize Shaky Footage

• Learn advanced techniques for stabilizing footage in AE
• Composite realistic smoke behind vehicle with paticular

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Water Drops

• Create water droplets on the lens with DOF
• Learn about setting for the MR Mercury filter

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Frosty Breath

• Create the illusion of cold breath on a warm day
• Use color correction to cool the mood of the scene

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Fancy Title Plate

• Create a 3D title plate with growing elements
• Use Evolution to enhance this simple design

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

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