30 Stunning Colored Pencil Art Drawings of Cute Celebrities

Today in this article we are going to focus on sketching / Drawings with coloured pencils, which are mostly misused medium for drawing may be just because they are everywhere specially in kids school bags. Just because they are always in kids hands, Artists don’t use them properly to create artworks and sketches. Being passionate about Pencil Color Sketches and drawing we have showcased 30 Stunning Colored Pencil Art Drawings of Cute Celebrities. Let’s take a look at colored pencils drawings and understand¬† the proper colored pencil techniques for drawing with them.

pakde Robert DOWNEY Jr. Sherlock HOLMES

The Way You Make Me Feel

Anne Hathaway

Hayley Williams – Paramore

Britney Spears cin



Emma Watson

Mbak Rihanna Nyengir Na na na Come on

”The Harry Potter trio”

Katy Perry

Colour pencils – Shannon Leto – Party Monster


Emmy Rossum

 Sherlock Holmes

Billie Joe Armstrong 2


Nicki Minaj

Daniel Radcliffe

Were you ever a dreamer?

Taylor Swift



Natalie Portman

Good Morning, Angel

Beyonce 1


Matthew Bellamy

Liv Tyler

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