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35 Free Kits to Create Cool Infographics for Designer

You are here probably because you want to create your own visual graphic, Yes ? Think about infographics as data visualization that use design elements to display informations that are easily to understand by peoples. The most part of peoples are visual learners, so infographics are more memorable than text, it’s good benefit for you and your business. This is one of the main reasons why infographics are so often used in presentations, research content, reports, newsletters, analytics, blogs.

1. Universal Subtle Infographic Elements

Universal Infographic Elements

If you are a total amateur or you don’t have a time or idea in creating infographics I can recommend you visual graphic elements in vector format. In today’€™s article, we have gathered 17 cool free infographic kits to use you freely in your future designs. These packages contain elements like diagrams, graphs, tables, histograms, pins, scatterplots, graphics, social icons, bar graph, column charts, pie charts, maps, symbols, timelines, and much more.

When you will be creating your own infographics you must remember to keep the following best practices:
– research facts and statistics,
– develop and present a coherent story,
– keep it simple, as possible,
– choose a right color scheme,
– include your URL on your presentation so users know who made it.

2. Free Vector Information Graphic Kit

Free Vector Information Graphic Kit

3. Free Vector Infographic Design Elements

Free Vector Infographic Design Elements

4. Vector Infographic Elements

Vector Infographic Elements

5. Financial Information Graphic Elements

Financial Information Graphic Elements

6. Free Infographics Template to Download

Free Infographics Templates to Download

7. Vector Infographics

Vector Infographics

8. Infographic Vector (SVG, EPS, PDF) Elements

Infographics SVG, EPS, PDF

9. Free Vector Infographic Pyramid

Free Vector Infographic Pyramid

10. SVG, EPS, PDF Vector Charts

Infographics Elements

11. 85 Vector Pie Charts

Infographics Elements

12. Retro Infographic Vector Graphic

Infographics Elements

13. Retro Infographic Vector Graphic

Infographics Elements

14. Vector Set of Infographic Elements

Infographics Elements

15. Free Vector Infographic Kit

Free Vector Infographic Kit

16. Infographic Vector Elements

Infographics Elements

17. Free Vector Infographic Elements

Free Vector Infographics Elements

18. Typography Data Infographic Set

Typo Data Infographic Set

19. Elements of Food Infographic Kit

Elements of Food Infographic kit

20. Infocharts kit


21. Graphic Data Report

Graphic Data Report

22. Chart and Graph Infographic kit Set

Chart and Graph Infographic kit Set

23. Travel Infographic kit

Travel Infographics kits

24. Huge Infographic Elements Vector Pack kit

Huge Infographic Elements Vector Pack kit

25. Digital Infographic kit Set

Digital Infographic kit Set

26. Oil Themed InfoGraphics kit

Oil Themed infoGraphics kit

27. World Infographic Kit

world infographic kit

28. Year Infographic Elements kit

Year Infographic Elements kit29. Simple Chart GUI kit

Simple Chart GUI kit

 30. Unique Pie Charts kit

Unique Pie Charts kit31. Vector Chart & Infographics Design Elements Kit

vector Chart Infographics Design Elements kit

32. Retro infographic Elements kit

Retro infographic Elements kit

 33. Economy Infographics Chart Design Elements Kit

Economy Infographics Chart Design Elements kit

34. Vintage Infographic Vector element kit

infographic vector element kit

35. Business Infographic creative design kit

business Infographic creative design kit

We hope you will like these scalable infographic design elements and thanks to all designers/authors of these vector graphics. All collected infographics are 100% free for personal or commercial usage. Remember about reading the license before using them. Enjoy !



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