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4 Cool Tips To Wear Pink For Men

Pink is a color that is not only for girls to wear now. With the advancement in fashion trends, pink has been a color that looks amazing on men too. If you are among those men who are interested in wearing pink with style then have a look at some fashion forward ways mentioned below.

1. Pink Shirt:

Pink is the new black so if you do not own a pink shirt until now then get one today. There are a lot of different shirts that you can wear in pink. The best choice would be a classic button down for formal events under suits or pink polo shirts for the casual days. Other options include pink collarless shirts, pink oxfords, pink tank tops, etc.

Wear Pink For Men

2. Pink Tie:

A pink accessory can give you a different and prominent look and no accessory for men can be as good as a pink tie. Whether you are attending an office meeting or going for your friend’s wedding, wear you pink tie with classic blue or black suit and white button down shirt and you are good to go. For a statement making look, take help from a quirky tie in pink such as with prints and patterns. Keep on experimenting until you get the best look.

Wear Pink For Men


3. Pink Trousers:

Pink trousers are a good piece and can be worn casually and formally as well. Pink trousers are ideal for winters as they are warm and cozy. Go for lighter shades of pink for the offices and top them with a navy or white button down.

Wear Pink For Men 32

4. Pink Shorts:

If you are planning outfits for summer holidays and you are bored with the the darker shades in your wardrobe, then go for pink shorts and pair them with casual tees. What’s great about this color is that these shorts can be worn with any type and color of shirt you want.

These are some edgy and stylish ways to wear pink for men. For more inspiration, keep on scrolling as following are some of the classic examples of pink outfits and accessories for men.

Wear Pink For Men11

Wear Pink For Men12

Wear Pink For Men13

Wear Pink For Men14

Wear Pink For Men15


Wear Pink For Men18

Wear Pink For Men19

Wear Pink For Men20

Wear Pink For Men21

Wear Pink For Men22

Wear Pink For Men23

Wear Pink For Men24

Wear Pink For Men25

Wear Pink For Men26

Wear Pink For Men27

Wear Pink For Men28

Wear Pink For Men29

Wear Pink For Men30

Wear Pink For Men31

Wear Pink For Men33

Wear Pink For Men34

Wear Pink For Men35

Wear Pink For Men38

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