40 Best Lightroom Presets for Professional Photographers

Lightroom presets are very important sequences recorded in Adobe Photoshop which are used to tone a photograph quickly. Every preset is created based upon a theme with balanced color management and of course with true feeling for photographs. Lightroom presets are used in post processing of photographs for giving those a fresh touch. Professional photographers usually use gradients to retouch photographs, which is other term of lightroom preset.

The nearest elements which can be used in place of lightroom presets are – adobe elements and Aperture on Mac OS, but in true sense these are far behind from lightroom presets. Lightroom presets are handy tool for professional photographers to automate their workflow with creative touch to the photographs.

Today, we’re bringing the 40 best lightroom presets for professional photographers. With the non-destructive nature of these presets you can try out these without affecting your original photographs.

Hong Kong – Pink Tones – Blue Curve

Archived Grain

Goldy Browny Effect Preset

Night Palettes

River Wedding

Black and White Tonal Contrast Effect

High Contrast

Hollywood Orange and Teal


Underwater preset for diving photographers

Fashion Darlings

Intensify your blue heaven

Copper Tone Skin

Lightroom film style

The Prairie

Brighten Preset Pack

Camera Portrait

Summer Presets

Honeyed Vintage

Vintage Aston Martin

Soft Colors


Chill Preset for Dark Winter

Summer Afternoons

Kristina With a K

Soft Tones Dreamy

Lomo Preset

Vintage Vegas

Vintage Wedding

Sin City Look

XAnalog Basic

Black and White Clouds

Bleach Bypass

Muted Tones

John and Marcus Salvation

Green Lightroom Preset

Pseudo HDR

Post Apocalyptic


BDP Glamour Look Preset

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