40 Captivating Photo Examples of Cosplay

Cosplay photography or costume play photography is a form of photography where the subject of the photo focuses mainly on a cosplayer and their attire and/or prop making skills. Cosplay put simply is short for ‘costume play’ and stems form the Japanese love for Manga and Anime cartoons. Although I don’t confess to be a big love of this subculture I have often found myself admiring the quality of the work gone into these type of costumes and characters.

Cosplay is the form of photography, which is combination of Fashion photography and Portrait photography where both the clothing or costume and the portraiture are the main subject. Cosplay magazines, such as Cosmode, have developed a focus on the photographer and the different styles of cosplay photography. The photos can be black and white, color, any size or shape with any lens, so long as a coslayer is the main subject..

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