40+ Popular Mascots And How They Help The Brand


The most important question is – why would you even want a mascot? Isn’t it unprofessional and for more “child-like” businesses? The question is NO. Mascots have several valuable benefits to them, including, giving your organization personality. Mascots generally create positive, happy feelings in people (when used correctly) and this can do wonders for your selling techniques. Mascots can be used for entertainment value and even an attraction value.

Mascots are there to SELL your brand by promoting your business and putting a “face” to that business.

Make the Mascot Timeless

If you’re creating a mascot for a product or service, you don’t want just ANY run of the mill mascot that will last a few years and then go out of fashion. You want a mascot that will be timeless, with a few upgrades here and there. Some of the best mascots have been around for years, just occasionally revamped to fit in with the modern day times.

Mickey Mouse

Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack

Mrs. Butterworth

Butter Worth Mascot

Make the Mascot Agile

If you’re creating a mascot for the online market, you need a versatile mascot. The most common that come to mind are the twitter bird and the firefox for Mozilla’s browser. These two mascots are constantly being duplicated in millions of different ways by loyal fans and supporters. An agile mascot can be used throughout your entire branding campaign. Emails, letters, websites, product packaging – the possibilities should be endless for the use of your mascot.


Firefox Mascot


Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan

Twitter Bird

Twitter Mascot

Geico the Gecko

Geico Mascot

A Happy Mascot is a Happy Customer

The attitude of the people around us, influence how we feel inside. Having a happy mascot, ensures that even on a bad day, your customer will crack a smile at an antic here or a packaging product there. With the stress and worries revolved around every day life, people look for an escape and usually, this escape will come through the products we purchase.

Super Mario

Geoffry the Giraffe (Toys R Us)

Geoffry the Giraffe


Coco the Monkey (Coco Pops)

Coco the Monkey


Wendy (Wendy’s)


Snap, Crackle and Pop (Rice Krispies)

Ricecrispies Mascots

Green Giant (Betty Crocker)

Green Giant

Buzz Bee (Honey Nut Cheerios)

Honeynut Cheerios Mascot

Colonel Sanders (KFC)

Colonel Sanders

Use Bright Colors

Bright colors attract the eye. It’s as simple as that. With a mascot with bright colors, you can turn any packaging into something eye-catching and stunning. It is a well known marketing technique that bright colors sell products.

The Nesquick Bunny (Nesquik)

Nesquik Mascot

Ronald McDonald (McDonald)

Ronald Mascot

Lucy (Pampers)

Lucy Mascot

Captain Crunch

Captain Crunch Mascot

Chester the Cheetah (Frito Lay)

Cheetos Mascot

Mr Muscle

Mr Muscle Mascot

Be Bold – Where No Designer Has Gone Before

The fact is that not all mascots have to be cute and cuddly to get someones attention. People love mascots to have attitude, a sense of personality. Create a mascot that will really catch peoples attention and keep them glued to your product or website. A great example is M&M’s. They’ve created profiles for their little different colored mascots and they’re a hit! Not only with children but adults too.

M&M’s (Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green & Red)

MM Yellow and Blue

MMs Green Mascot

MMs Red Mascot

Robert the Pirate (Pirate’s Booty)

Pirates Booty Mascot

The Burger King (Burger King Careers)

Burger King Career Mascot

John Cow

John Cow Mascot

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