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40 Really Sexy Manga/Anime Girls

This week I am in the mood for Tradition Art (Anime/Manga girls), We want you to check our selection and adore the cuteness of these Sexy digital artworks that I’ve managed to source out by some truly awesome artist JAD-Ardat. A big thank you to him and his work that feature in this post. These Manga/Anime girls are so cute and sexy that anyone can fall in love with them. Artist draw each girl with such a details that you can’t stop yourself to have another look.  We would like to know from you as well your personal favorite of these Manga-Anime Girls.

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Sexy Traditional art Manga-Anime Girls


Merlin’s Rainbow Sweet Shop


Showcase- Collaboration

The world came crashing down

Lady Lora

Ring Leader

Kiss, Kiss, Bang


Queen of the Zodiac


Midnight Empress

A World of My Own

Work it


Alice in CandyLand


La Vie en Rose

Oriental Glory

Aqua Universe

Apollo’s Maiden

The First Born

Miku’s Puppet Show

A world of her own

Merry Christmas

Ravishing Angel

Uplift the Princess

Bird of Paradise

Queen of Hearts

Crown Royale

Midnight Hour

Ghost Dance

Anime Evolution

The Sick of Sin

Feel the Vibe

Let It Be








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