40 Stunning Anthro Artwork Collections

By defination Anthro is an animal with human-like characteristics or technically an animal or a creature that can walk and talk like humans or most common term used these days half human and half animal is “Anthro“. These characteristics separate anthros from humans with cat ears and tail (or something like that). Today we have showcased 40 Stunning Anthro Artwork Collections. Anthro is a fictional character published by DC Comics, presented as the “first boy”, a Cro-Magnon born to Neanderthal parents.Enjoy

Anthro Artwork Collections

anthro 1

Anthro 2

Anthro – Pegasus

Hyena Anthro

Anthro Hallow

Anthro Simba

Samurai Wolf Anthro

Anthro Commission

Pole Dancer Colored-Anthro

anthro 3

Flying Anthro Dragon

anthro 4

Anthro me portrait

Anthro Girl

Anthro Dragon – Commission

buddah anthro

anthro Dashie and Applejack

singer anthro

Rayquaza Anthro

MLP Anthro 1 – Air

Zelda Anthro Link

egg seller

Anthro Arcanine Chibi

calendar thief

Anthro Calendar Cover Collab

 Bolcan Anthro

Red-Tailed Hawk Anthro

entry in a contest

RoseVine Lady

Anthro magic

Anthro Play

Anthro Buddies

Anthro Karoon

Darth Ksar and Rihno as anthro

Gaia Anthro Commission



mlp Anthro’s 6+7 Sun and Moon

Anthro Group Picture




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