40+ stunning Digital painting works

Nowaday, the digital painting work is becoming very popular. They appear everywhere, on the cover of magazines, music albums, advertise … The content of the article today in addition to helping you understand what is digital painting works, will also help you experience some works of a talent digital artist.

Humans have created a computer to not become an inanimate tool but a ” partner ” to help enhance the human mental activity and creativity. When fully exploited, it can be used to “produce” the kinds of brand new art form and can bring a new aesthetic experience.

The artists in the world to start using the technology to create digital art early in 1960. About half of the twentieth century and then especially in the first decade of the twenty-first century, digital art developed very fast and really become a phenomenon widely known in the world, especially the artists. Digital technology has been take advantage by the traditional painting artists , make the most of the activities of their artistic creativity through digital format, it is the digital painting. Digital Painting – art forms like painting techniques used in traditional painting. These techniques are applied in the use of tools computerized digital painting: digital painting table, pen … digital painting and digital painting software support to create artwork directly on computer. All digital painting program offers users several types of brushes, as well as countless different painting effects. In the drawing software support has been built the digital painting brushes, effects similar material in the simulator traditional painting such as oil paints, pastels …

Currently the majority of those working in the field of art using digital media are all young, dynamic and creative. They come from many different fields: visual arts, applied arts, industrial arts, multimedia art. . . Participants are varied: artists, design engineers, architects, students, students or both art enthusiasts multimedia. Now, we’ll introduce you to some Digital painting works of an artist who, though still young, but very talented – Daniel Conway.

1. Hydro lane

2. The Bonsai bot

3. The Hangar

4. Water Patrol- Bionic Comando

5. Scorched earth

6. What once was

7. Waterfall doorway

8. Fire from beneath

9. Glacier Sketch

10. Glacial Castle – Final Fantasy

11. Bell tower peak – Final Fantasy

12. The Tundra

13. The caves – Bionic Commando

14. Sinkhole – Bionic Commando

15. Piece by Piece

16. My Red Tie

17. Softly sleeping

18. Her Silent Silhouette

19. Broken Dawn

20. Colours in the Dark

21. Sketch of the colossus

and many other beautiful digital painting works

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