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40+ Very Interesting Photo manipulations of Editorial Photography

Editorial photography refers to the photos taken or manipulated to add in the magazine that are either print ads or photo-shoots to promote items that aren’t exactly Print adverts and in simple English Editorial Photography that supports the printed world to make it more viewable. The photographs prepared and manipulated in such a way that they tell a story about product and go along with the articles – even the cover of the popular magazine and this is getting so popular these days that all big brands try to promote products in funny and interesting way which gets the attraction of viewers.

Models, Fashion, Product Commercial photography is the most important thing in Print advertising photography – Photographers, creative directors and brand image managers comes up with unique and different ides to promote item in such a way that they can get an edge against competitors.


Today for your inspiration we have gathered 40+ Very Interesting Photo manipulations of Editorial Photography by Bela Borsodi a creative and gifted artist, studied graphic design and fine art and working as a photographer with discerning clients from the worlds of finance, fashion, advertising, music and publishing with the approach is curatorial and focusing on quality with a goal of continually challenging the status quo.


Editorial – Selected Clients

Let’s say you want to be a fashion photographer. Would you like to shoot a layout of photographs for Vogue? Even if you only got paid a few hundred bucks? Of course you would. Then you show those pictures to potential commercial clients – they are impressed – and you make real money shootiing for them.

New York Times Magazine, V Magazine, V Man, Document, Ten Men, Vogue Nippon, Amica, Another Magazine, Numéro Beauté, Elle Accessories, Elle Italy, Glamour Italy, Wallpaper, Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue, Tatler Russia, WAD, Livraison, S Magazine, I like my style, Wired Magazine, Departures, Details, Esquire, Pin-Up, Kid’s Wear, Stern, Süddeutsches Magazin, Zeit Magazin.

Well in real editorial photography does not pay much like commercial photography but it is very good to make a name and portfolio to get more business and projects as commercial photographer after getting some creative freedom and experiments. Most or prominent Photographer still do the editorial photography to add to your portfolio – then show the portfolio to get commercial work.

Dujour Blonde Ambition

Dujour Blonde Ambition01

V Magazine Blue Jeans Print Advertisement



vogue russia mask

vogue russia mask01 vogue russia mask02

hunger mythology

hunger 01

hunger 02

hunger 03

hunger 04

hunger 05

Fräulein flakon fatal

Fräulein flakon fatal01

Fräulein flakon fatal02

Fräulein flakon fatal03

L’Officiel Hommes Case Studies

Hommes Case Studies

Hommes Case Studies01

Hommes Case Studies02

 Unconscious affair

Unconscious affair01

Unconscious affair02

Unconscious affair03

Unconscious affair04

Unconscious affair07

Double Visions

Double Visions01

Double Visions02

Double Visions03

Double Visions04

Double Visions05

Double Visions06

Double Visions07

 The Glory and Swallow Glory

the power of glory

Fräulein: Handtuch




 The Art and Craft

art and craft

 To see her with

to see with



SZ Magazine – Katzen



Fashion Zoo

fashion zoo





 Tatler – Separation









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