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45+ Magnificent Piece of Traditional Art Paintings

Really Magnificent, these are Traditional Art paintings are done by very very talented artist Agnes Cecile , So mesmerizing I stared at them for hours and believe me not an easy job to select which one is best or better than other as all of them having so many amazing things painted and expressed & still never had a clear opinion that they paintings / drawings not digitally edited or Photoshopped images.

Illustrations or digital art not easy to distinguish as they are so beautiful and expressive, Paintings like these tells you a story and take you to think-land or fantasy. The brush work in each and every painting is magnificent, mind blowing and very expressive, it really explains a lot of strife, creativity, struggle and hard work –  conjuring up a lot of different feelings. Every single painting in this post after looking makes me feel a million things all at once, and I could never properly describe the feeling and just one question comes into my mind why are you so amazingly talented? outstanding – lovely work and it can be biggest inspiration for new comers and art lovers.



love and sacrifice

love and sacrifice - Traditional Art Paintings

This particular work by agnes-cecile showcases a sincere talent in portraiture and the emotional value that it has to offer. The colors are beautiful and express a “lightness” to the butterflies that truly capture the emotive spirit and personality of the subject but the workmanship and poise that this composition truly expresses allows the viewer to experience. The eyes are truly windows to the soul in this piece as well as the subtle fluctuations in color that shows us the delicacy of the female form and the femininity.  The young lady is very deep in thought and totally at ease with what is going on. You are a real inspiration to all artists.

soft springtime

soft springtime - Traditional Art Paintings

I love how unique you make portraits and this is one of the best, You have such skill with such an unforgivable medium. To me the black in white in this composition represents the colorless, depressive winter. The pop of color you have inserted encourages spring’s arrival and hope. Even the expression of the subject includes a look of hope. I love also how the flowers are strategically placed as well as even the hairs on her head. Your painting is beautiful, I really like it. There are few colors and are clear, but has a good effect because it balances the eyes, nose and mouth.

empty space

empty space - Traditional Art Paintings

This quiet but beautiful painting shows that light/soft colors can have a strong impact. The empty space is definitely not an empty space. In this artwork, you have proven her art prowess again. While the concept and the general execution of the art is amazing; it’s the emotion that the whole piece conveys that stood out the most. The colors helped a lot in conveying the emotions this piece has. This one is one of your quietest and reassuring pieces but the powerful impact behind it, is stunning.

la nostra infinita abnegazione

la nostra_infinita_abnegazione - Traditional Art Paintings

The contemporary definition of what love is supposed to be was all about perfection, and a day we found a point of no return because we cannot stand the truth. So we meet silence and in the same case we meet our incomprehension of the essence of true love, but we still love, in an unhealthy way…
These deep sad feelings is what your painting inspired to me and the originality of how you turn a portrait in an abstract and emotive form. Every line, every splatter seem to be the result of a deep emotion.

non vedi niente – niente

non parlarne mai - Traditional Art Paintings

This is absolutely beautiful and way better than i could ever do, but it leaves me wanting a little more detail in the eyes. That would have been perfection for me. Whether it was your intention or not to convey the eyes as both being open and closed is uncertain but that’s what I initially saw. The fading of the eyes, which is usually the prominent feature in a portrait, holds you in a subtle pull. While the expression behind the dying gaze appears to be looking at something, knowingly for the last time. The fractured colors, somber, speckled and dripping down suggest that the color of life, the vivacity of sight is falling away; and soon the page, like the fading eyes, will be blank. Lovely but fleeting, like beauty itself.

swallow’s tail

swallows tail - Traditional Art Paintings

This piece speaks to me, and many others I am sure. The wisps are pigment representing hair are so free and yet so accurate. Her eyes are rich with emotion and intensity. The way that you interpret the curve in the neck, and the bridge of the nose make me hold my breath every time I inspect them. Stunning, as if you can see perfectly where every shape and contour are before you place a single stroke of pigment on the paper. Style is so rare to see done so well, and you work nicely with dark and light values so even a black and white image is full of contrast.


cicatrici - Traditional Art Paintings

This is quite beautiful and style is gorgeous. There’s something so alluring and yet mysterious about her expression. I love the crispness of her eyes and how perfectly all of the strokes come together. Theory behind art and what one needs to know to give a critique, but when observing this painting, something struck me as it being different…I initially wondered whether the eyes needed a more glossy contrast, yet as i contemplated suggesting it, the symmetry of them entranced me, almost as if trying to hypnotize. To me this painting conveys introspection, where she seems to observe you and not I her.



Fact about this portrait, pregnant and beautiful at her ninth month, a portrait as a gift from her mother, the future grandma. Absolutely stunning work. it captures the beauty of a woman/mother. it’s great how this is effective without colors, i love working with black and white as well i also admire your painting techniques

miss violence

miss violence - Traditional Art Paintings

Questions, after viewing this artwork who is she? Who killed her? What killed her? Like a wounded gazelle she came, bleeding. Eyes crystalline, and hair like cherry blossoms.Then she collapsed, cold and dead as the winter.A morning that chills your spine like frost on an old gutter on the porch. Some days like these would make you go home and warm yourself under the fire and coco. That would have to wait. This has a great use of technique and it like nothing i have ever seen before. it would nice to have a little bit of context about the image however it gives out a strong message on its own. it would also be nice to know what inspired this piece and i like to see more like these. i will definitely be watching out for more of your work as i find this very inspiring and may try and experiment with this style myself. The colours and the victim contrast with a dissonance, like neon nightlights on iron-grey twilight. Her death had been brutal, yet her face disturbingly calm.

almost lover

almost lover - Traditional Art Paintings

Very pretty, Simply beautiful! Astounding – especially for something you did in ‘a little free time’. The haphazard brush-strokes and splotches bring focus to the detail, which in my opinion is brilliantly depicted with the eye. My attention instantly fell on the eye with its crisp clarity in the iris enveloped by a contrasting bluish shadow. Love the blues and purples, and to have a spot of brown / red really catches your eye. It also looks like she has been caught at something, and is startled.


Birthday - Traditional Art Paintings

One of my favorite in this article, balanced beautifully, because, she looks so much like Agnes Cecile, love technique used in this painting it’s truly beautiful to see, but I’m a curious little thing an do wonder what you used to make the fine lines

tiny creature

tiny creature - Traditional Art Paintings

In this painting, a child in the arms of a faceless figure is a bit freaky and reminds me movie “Mother” makes me question if this image is an extended metaphor in itself. The child looks at the observer in a pleading manner, a silent cry for help. Her tears are golden and appear bright in contrast of the colder colors used. The fact that the child’s eyes are a bright yellow/orange could be seen as a metaphor that her fighting spirit or ‘fire’ has not yet burned out, and she is determined to escape out of the strangers arms.

I can be completely wrong, the meaning behind this can only be in the artists mind but either way i believe this work speaks volumes for everyone whether it be a captured heart, societies warped way of beautifying or romanticizing physical abuse. The little girls tears can only tell its own story. excellent work.

our great love story

our great love story - Traditional Art Paintings

This is a canvas with a lot of levels under the final painting The contrast between the two faces is perfect and ironic. Yes, another hard fight with form and colour! The great love story is irony, it is just a fight like in this painting where at the end you come out exhausted. The seemingly closed eyes by the left head suggest that they are unwilling to look at the right head due to the pain they’ve caused them, which is absolutely accurate in a broken relationship. The right face also seems to suffer from the pain (evidenced by the blue dripping on the left side) of knowing that the love that existed between these two is fading away, but their face suggests that they are trying to hold back the pain.

comes light

comes light - Traditional Art Paintings

Beautifully done painting, The fade away in the hair is really effective in this piece, especially against the dark color of her branches. Lovely concept of wings and the colors on the girl. it’s perfect! love with fairies, she has in her bedroom a lot of them.. and I made for her one with my style


Agapornis - Traditional Art Paintings

The eyes are simply beautiful…life like to be exact.detailing of the skin, lips are pure magic. the hair color selection is also good. the color selection has always been a trump-card for you, creating magic out of colors is just evident from your work . i think providing a different color for the background will be good rather than leaving it white as such, by the way that’s just my opinion. the work as a whole is simply beautiful , the effect this picture creates in our mind cant be explained with words, we are just taken to a different place. keep up the good work

contenere in se’

contenere in se - Traditional Art Paintings

To me this piece may signify many things. To others it may signify a thousand things also- however the only true meaning behind this work can only be known by the creator of the piece. To me it represents an inability to express one’s self: communication is represented as the spit-bubble, “contained” inside her mouth. Her eyes are very lifeless, almost tired and sullen to the point where silent tears may fall behind closed doors out of frustration of the matter, represented as the faint blue paint drip down her face. Overall the painting is very lovely. I love the tones, the colors, the hair, eyebrows and especially the eyes as they are my absolute favorite element of this art work.

did you miss it?

did you miss it - Traditional Art Paintings

The combination of strokes has been used to a tremulously successful effect, not making the face so much as subtly suggesting the impression of one, with such a beautiful level of detail in the eyes and features balanced perfectly with the more rough strokes of the hair. The colour palette is a perfect choice for the model, the shades of blue and green combining to give the piece a haunting beauty. The unique way you capture a feeling and the vibrancy of the colour palette have become a staple of your work. I find your originality to be very refreshing, you have found such a stunning way to capture a person in time.

  • The brush beat have used very cleverly
  • Contrast is very good
  • The color harmony in all of the art sheet
  • I can feel the soul and love in every where mostly in the gazed eyes
  • Hairs are float in air and those tiny white lines are perfect
  • Mixing dry and wet style is very well
  • Tthe light is very good i can see the light source is from the right of picture

the nothing life

the nothing life - Traditional Art Paintings

This painting is very beautiful and expressive, and I love your art! And I was just wondering if I could use this pic for my mom’s website. It’s strictly for school purposes, and all the credit goes to you. She came across it, and thought it was absolutely beautiful…Colour and the way they run evoke such a feeling of sadness and the mysterious figure is frightening,,like a soul stealer.

e non ci sara’ nessuno

e non ci sara - Traditional Art Paintings' nessuno

This is an incredibly striking and interesting piece! I’d like to say that the minimal use of colours is really effective here; it draws the viewer’s focus in the right places, but doesn’t distract from the lovely abstract textures that flow throughout on their own level. These lovely textures are also perfectly displayed using the water colour medium, and it’s always charming to see a traditional media used in a contemporary way.

Lastly, I’d love to say that this piece combines warm and cold colours, complex textures and well used lighting and composition to create a contemplative and thought-provoking picture. It leaves me feeling that there is something deeper to the picture, and my mind wants to expand upon the hidden themes that could be interpreted amongst the lines and textures and shadows.

obstinate impasse

obstinate impasse - Traditional Art Paintings

Masterfully painted, it’s incredible to watch what at first is simply colour become something truly beautiful to behold. The chaos is contained in this particular piece which gives me the feeling that you’re restraining the chaos i’m used to seeing in your work Agnes, such as restraint or your drip works! The video was beautifully constructed and the music accompanied it perfectly, i’d love to get into your mind to understand what strange and brilliant ideas are floating around in your head!


nell acqua - Traditional Art Paintings

Coming out of water, love this, the blue is so vivid. And you can see emotion in her face, she looks solemn – reminds me of the mermaids in Pirates of The Caribbean. The girl in the painting is alive, searching … and here goes my lack of vocabulary to describe what I see here – magical, gifted, stand out! It’s the best I can do.

 Garden in the ceiling

Garden in the ceiling - Traditional Art Paintings

It’s amazing how you can show her neck and shoulders without any definite lines. I just cant seem to stop looking at her, and it seems that I keep repeating myself she is just amazing it’s so hard to critique this she’s just more than words can describe. The contrast between the red and the blue work very well and again, help reflect the emotions of the piece.

The abstract style you’ve used really makes this piece of work unique and i especially love the idea of using white gel pen to add small details, making the overall piece even more breathtaking. I love the use of paint splatters for hair and the simplicity of it helps draw the view to the eyes which are the most detailed part of the painting.

Fix the sky a little

Fix the sky a little - Traditional Art Paintings

In this Traditional Art Painting, the contrast of the eyes nose and mouth with the background. It makes for an amazing focal point. As well as leaving the hair without any pigment was a wonderful touch in this piece. It grounds the eyes, which seem to jump off the page, and the depth of the mouth is beautifully painted. watercolors lend themselves so well to skin and realism, simply breathtaking. Such a captivating piece of art.

be consumed by nothing

be consumed by nothing Traditional Art Paintings

I thought this was an outstanding piece It’s so chaotic and disrupting, that feels like the right response, when I came across it, and I chose to critique it since I really appreciated your impressive composition.I rated you high in impact since I felt like this piece expressed a lot of meaning perfectly in such a compact, simple fashion. I thought you were able to precisely express a sense of hopelessness, uselessness and confusion simply by means of the subject matter’s posture and stroke. This was probably one of the best aspects of this piece. The jaggedness of the lines, the awkwardness of the pose, and stray lines are effective at showing a sense of malfunction that is apparent enough to recognize subconsciously without getting lost in the forefront of your mind.

sheets of colored glass

sheets of colored glass - Traditional Art Paintings

The expression on her face is astonishing and perfectly depicted. The colours go together really well, and you’ve created the illusion of broken glass amazingly… beautiful artwork, look amazing they have a perfect balance of contrast, they are very well mixed and have such a nice composition over all.

life is beautiful

life is beautiful - Traditional Art Paintings

You captured the bunny boy beautifully, love just staring at all your individual brush strokes, and the color running down his face. This movie struck a nerve, and almost post-traumatic stress disorder at how it captured small town white trash life. Felt like I knew everyone in the cast.

crisp morning

crisp morning - Traditional Art Paintings

I think its beautiful very emotional portrait painting, Very lovely piece. I vastly enjoy all your work thus far. It’s nice how it all seems a touch hazy, as though viewed in a dream or through the mist.

spero tanto tu sia sincera

spero tanto tu sia sincera - Traditional Art Paintings

The emotion in those eyes… The hope in them reflecting fear… It really breaks my heart. But I can’t stop staring at it because it is so beautiful. And the lips, when seen as a periphery would appear to smile but as you look into the eyes, you see they’re not smiling. I am so in love with your work. I hope one day I can see them in person

non parlarne mai

non parlarne mai - Traditional Art Paintings

I love it that much. Very expressive.When I look at this the first thing I noticed were the eyes. They look like they’ve been crying and they seem to portray a broken mind or heart. This art shows me from a more philosophical point of view an average human, stressed at work with all of it’s emotions and views exploding at once from one side of the brain (the black bit). And on the other side, ideas and opportunities doing the same. The dripping makes me also feel like some of these things have been lost and are slowly slipping away.

Needless to say, this piece is breathtaking and you have beautifully captured the human emotion on a simple piece of paper. Bravo!


opale - Traditional Art Paintings

Amazing, amazing an emotionally impressive. A painting of a girl… let’s call her angel, From first sight, She is emotion. I was touched by the feeling She expresses before having perception of who She is. And I think this is the most impressive part of your work.These two main points creates a paradox : She is under a high emotional event, and her watch slides away, no matter how you try you can’t look Her in the eyes. The watcher is helpless to her situation, as he is helpless to herself.

self deceit

self deceit - Traditional Art Paintings

The lines and the color and the texture and just everything… I absolutely love it this looks simple, but extremely complex in emotions and details. I abesolutely love it!


antimonocromatismo - Traditional Art Paintings

this is absolutely breath taking! I love the choice of colors. The way painting technique used and colours to express this painting. Her sharp facial features contrast with the softer tones of colours. It is extremely interesting but I wish that she has sensual shoulders. Beautiful masterpiece, her expression is amazing, and the colors seem to lift her up. Love this one very much, thanks for sharing, have a great day.

the smell in my eyes

the smell in my eyes - Traditional Art Paintings

it seems like the red spot on the right is smth violent.. looks a bit like you hit yourself. I like it. The end of the wisps of hair on the left seem a bit too in detail compared to the blurred skin of the neck. Stunning portrait!

odore di pioggia

odore di pioggia - Traditional Art Paintings

So realistic I totally thought this was a photo. This looks beautiful. Love the way the rain and her hair, the texture of her skin and her shirt are painted.. It looks so pretty or you can say is more than incredible!!! seems that she would like to ask for… or remains waiting for an answer… really an awesome truly sad expression trought all the humans senses seems. perfection of execution does not lessen the power of this image. This is storytelling.

one day

one day - Traditional Art Paintings

Beautiful Painting like if she is dreaming on the future, a hope a glance of love; she is surrounded in darkness but she just wishes to leave all behind…


braid - Traditional Art Paintings

what lovely school work you must have- im charmed. I like looking at how people draw faces- this seems a bit asian? like a mongolian woman- but i could be mistaken. Beautiful pencilling!

portrait wind

portrait wind - Traditional Art Paintings

A beautiful blend of quality shading and dramatic image composition! The hair is wonderfully realized with the detailing nicely executed. The shading/shadowing under the chin may be a bit dark for the lighting values of the rest of the drawing, but it truly is an amazing work that invokes emotion from the viewer!

lei, strana

lei strana - Traditional Art Paintings

Due to the unpredictable nature of this piece it stands out more than the serial quality of prior portraits. It is unpredictable because at first glance you think it is a portrait. The strip of color gives more meaning. This theme can be developed further.


fuoriluogo - Traditional Art Paintings

This is powerful because it looks as if the subject is bleached of all color and it was all pulled out of her as if by a strip which is shown in the rainbow colors. This time, the white drips are enhancing the interpretation of her being bleached of color – which symbolizes many concepts such as, life – because they could symbolize her “bleeding”.

the lines from the face, to frame the difference from the ‘color stripe’ to the face… they just don’t seem right. They kind of seem like you threw them in at the end. I think I would have much prefered them in white instead of the grey. Mabye they are just the pencil lines? I do see that you are pushing the boundaries of your ‘usual style’, and I really do like the piece overall, but since you requested this critique, I thought I would just put my 2 cents in the comments. Love your work.


coldberry - Traditional Art Paintings

This painting, as it’s name suggest, looks cold, agressive; but in some way it looks adorable, i love it; i wish i could do sth like this one day… TEACH ME!!! i really love how the girl looks at the viewer; but what i really ADORE is how it captures reality, i can feel she’s about to cry, pls pls PLEASE teach me!!! i give it a totally honest 5/5 in everything, the hair is almost perfect, and the icy effect looks completely “cool” in this, i’ve also seen the other versions, they’re as good as this one, but this one is special.

xx love

xx love Traditional Art Paintings

This painting started when she told me her story, the story about a young girl in love with another young girl. Often your entire life doesn’t give you the opportunity to stay together, sometimes is due to the distances, sometimes to other people, sometimes to different ‘times’. These two girls are living their wrong time, waiting for a time where they may meet themselves again.

 miss universe

miss universe Traditional Art Paintings

When i looked at this painting , the first thing i noticed was the brilliant use of colors , spread masterfully on the paper , the blend of blues with hints of pink is very lovely . I wondered why you chose those colors in particular , but then i understood when i looked at the title :” MISS UNIVERSE “, what i understand is that she is reflecting the universe ,reflecting the brilliant colors of the galaxies in the universe, and from her expression ,one sees that she is held in awe at the beauty of the universe .it is such a beautiful expression that you’ve captured on paper . I do not know if this is exactly what you mean by this painting , but it is how i look at it , and i feel you have a wonderful way of looking at things .


Allison Traditional Art Paintings

This is a very striking piece of art! What I find interesting is that the viewer’s gaze is so captivated by this woman’s beautiful eyes that the mind fills in everything else. There’s not a lot of paint elsewhere but that’s fine. Now if it was just the two eyes I think the composition would have too much tension. But the lips add a nice third element to the focus. And I’d like to add that I think it’s important that the eye on the viewer’s right is slightly darker (in shadow). So the left-side eye becomes the primary element.

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