45 Movie Posters with a Funny Twist of Photo-effects

Worth 1000 is famous for their photoshop & Photo-Effects contests. In which Two or more movie posters are combined to make one much funnier and creative. Their latest, Mate a Movie series, asks graphic artists to take two or more movies, and combine them to make one much funnier movie. I’ve included some of my favorites. Hope you will like them or may be they will inspire you to create some

Funny Movie Poster Mash-ups with the Twist

Underworld rise of the Rango

Date Night of the Living Dead

No Huggers Attached



The Lion Kings Speech

Final Destination Caribbean

Sex in Wonderland

Rise of the Planet Pandora

The Silence Of Anne

Star Trek: Avatar

Charlie’s Demons


Alien age 3

Such Sights

Saw 40

Where the WALL-E Things Are

Smurftastic 4


The Thing’s Speech

UP in the air

The Godsister Act III (The Godfather Part III / Sister Act)

There’s Something Happening With Mary

Terminator Mountain


Mr. Popper`s Black Swans

Memoirs of a Vampire

Midnight Cowboy In Paris

Ironman III – Get Him to the Greek

Piranha Jaws

The uninvITed

The Bride’s Maiden Heist

the Good, the Fat and the Stinky

UP 2 Mary Poppins Next Adventure

Killers next door

The Wrestler Nacho Libre

Kids Home Alone In America

MR Popper’s Pirates


I Am A Shopaholic!

Little Miss Eternal Sunshine

Bridget Jones and the Temple of Doom

There’s Something About Shaggy

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