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5 Best Creatively Organized Office Setups

5 Best Creatively Organized Office Setups

The demands of contemporary creative work are constantly developing, as more people choose to work from home or independent studios, and as technology advances. Today, much creative work can be carried out on a laptop, perhaps attached to a large monitor, and the development of iPhones and other hand held devices mean that many office tasks can be handled by tailor-made apps. As such office set ups can be arranged with an absolutely minimalist aesthetic, designed to provide the best environment to improve creativity. This post brings together five of the best creatively organized office setups, brilliant workstations for your inspiration.

Creative Setup By Carl-Johan Kihlbom

5 Best Creatively Organized Office Setups

This cool set up has an airy, accessible feel with light colors and ergonomic chair and desk arrangement all combining to maximize the user’s creativity. The ambient indoor illumination is complimented by natural lighting from skylights. The technical aspects of this superb desk space include a Mac Pro, one 30” and two 20” Apple Cinema Displays, a Macbook and Altec Lansing FX-6021 Speakers. The desk itself is from Ikea’s Effective series, while the chair is a Stoke Duo, a design classic that offers comfort and lumbar support in a variety of positions.

Creative Setup By Mkosut

5 Best Creatively Organized Office Setups

This office set up is pared down for a completely minimalist, clutter-free working environment, with the large windows offering inspirational views over Brooklyn and the Manhattan skyline in the distance. Some of the windows have been fitted with tinting film for privacy and to reduce glare from the sun, while others have been left clear to make the most of the view. The window to the right of the image is actually used as a dry wipe surface for brainstorming, drawing and schematics. On the technical front, the office features a Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPhone, G5 server, all-in-one Canon printer, scanner, copier hidden in a drawer and wireless speakers concealed behind the desk. The desk is an Ikea Torsby dining table, while the seat is an ergonomically designed Aeron Chair from Herman Miller.

Creative Setup By Marc0047

5 Best Creatively Organized Office Setups

Elegant, refined and minimalist, this office space is arranged for simplicity and maximum creativity. At the centre of the workstation is a Mini Mac with a wireless Mac keyboard and Dell LCD screen. High quality Audio engine speakers provide the sounds. The filing cabinet, plant pot and globe light come from Ikea, as do the Vika Lerberg trestles that support the particleboard desktop with a melamine finish. The Bevco chair and SE Lager single-speed bicycle add the finishing touches to this eminently classy office set up.

Creative Setup By Crouching Donkey

5 Best Creatively Organized Office Setups

Crouching Donkey employs a variety of screens to help with his work, all set up with Leopard wallpaper in this nighttime shot of his creative desk space. The set up features an iMac and PowerBook, one main screen with a wireless dual screen and an extra screen arranged vertically to the right. The desktop also features a printer, three iPods in their cradles, and a good supply of pencils. The desk’s surface is constructed from tempered glass that is spray-painted black on the underside for a super stylish finish. An Ikea Antifoni angle poise lamp provides the workspace’s lighting.

Creative Setup By Schodts

5 Best Creatively Organized Office Setups

This awesome set up combines a clean and minimalist workstation with plenty of screen space. At the head of the arrangement is a large Samsung LCD TV. Below are three Acer AL1951 series monitors mounted on a glass shelf with floating brackets. The keyboard is a Logitech G15 working alongside a Logitech Mx518 mouse. Other accessories include an iPhone, vTech Bluetooth Phone, IronKey Encrytped USB Thumbdrive and an old school calculator. A magnifying lamp on an angle poise arm provides the desktop lighting, while hidden backlights create subtle low-level ambient illumination. The designer has successfully achieved his ambition of creating a serene workspace, a fine example of a creatively organized office space.

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