5 Essential Elements of successful E-commerce Site


Your e-commerce website can be considered as your business’s backbone because it can increase or decrease your online e sales just because of its design. So, when designing an e-commerce website, you must consider these important elements (image via shutterstock):

1. Call-to-action Button:

Elements of successful E-commerce Site

IF you are offering something very unique and different at the lowest price (say your company’s best offer), then people should be aware of it. Obviously, they would not get any signals that will tell them what your best offer is. So, in this regard, call-call-to-action buttons help a lot (image via shutterstock).

A call-to-action button should provide strong contrast but at the sane that it should not hurt the eyes. You will get a few new customers if you design or get these buttons designed in a proper manner.

2. Ease of Access:

Elements of successful E-commerce Site

Online buyers and regular internet users belong to different categories. So, the navigation or accessibility of your website should be as simple and easy as possible (image via shutterstock).

3. Use of Images:

Elements of successful E-commerce Site

An online store should not lack physical touch. It should offer the customers everything they need related to a product. In this regard, images and sliders work well. The images should be suggestive and should provide every possible detail. When it comes to the store’s theme the use of images and quantity of content should be assumed. For instance, an electronic sales store must offer product’s images but at the same time it should provide precise details. On the other hand, a clothing store should offer images more than the content (image via shutterstock).

Large resolution images may attract customers but they take time in loading. So, make sure you are using normal size images.

4. Less Loading Time:

Elements of successful E-commerce Site

Time has become the most precious thing for people as the world is moving at a very fast pace. No one has enough time to sit and wait for a website to load. When a visitor enters your website, you have a few seconds to capture his attention and convert him into a customer. So, be very quick in this regard and reduce your website’s loading time(image via shutterstock).

5. Feedback Section:

Elements of successful E-commerce Site

A visitor assumes risks when he comes to your website to buy something. Your website must offer a comments or a feedback section in order to make your customers sure that they can buy anytjing from your site safely. Like call-to-action buttons, you can show this section on the bottom or sidebar of your website. Make sure that your feedback section is designed in an attractive and professional way so that it can attract more customers (image via shutterstock).

It is very difficult for a company to convince the customer about its quality. So, feedback section is the best element to make your customers sure of your products quality. The thing does not seem like much in short run but for building a brand, it is best.

An e-commerce website can be of greater value if designed according to customer’s ease and convenience. So, if you are going to build one, then make sure these important elements are present.

Here is a showcase of best e-commerce web designs:

Kiki & Bree

Elements of successful E-commerce Site


Elements of successful E-commerce Site

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Elements of successful E-commerce Site

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Elements of successful E-commerce Site


Elements of successful E-commerce Site

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Elements of successful E-commerce Site




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