5 Important Things to Take Care While Using Adobe Edge Animate

5 Important Things to Take Care While Using Adobe Edge Animate

Web designers and developers are using various tools and software(s) since ages and Adobe has been a pioneer for Designers. Then the need to control source of scripts and images and to increase the reusability of features across design projects lead to the development of a new tool called Adobe Edge Animate. It was formerly called simply Adobe Edge. In simple terms it is a web development tool developed by Adobe Systems. Actually, there is nothing proprietary but it uses the basic concepts of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. It comes as a part of Adobe Edge Suite. You know all this? Well of course you may know but making a base before going in details was my only motto. If you have decided to use it then here are some important things to take care while using it.

Do you need Adobe Edge Animate?

It may sound weird but as soon as you start working on any tool it is always a good idea to just sit back and re-assure the purpose and need. If you are in search of some tool which sounds familiar like Adobe flash player but also want to have most of the control over the animation files (including their source) or you are looking for some alternative which can work for mobile operating system as well then Adobe Edge Animate can be a suitable option for you.
Do you need Adobe Edge Animate

About Timeline

It has a time based time based timeline (in Flash you see frame based timeline). It is the timeline that allows the designer to set the timing of the animation. The amount of timeline to be seen can also be adjusted. It is also possible to select multiple objects in a timeline at once.

About Symbols

Best thing about symbols is that they are reusable assets and can be used across the projects. They help in easy creation of interactive components and it is important to know how they interact with each other via targeting. Association of symbols with interactive elements like click is also possible.

About Keyframes

Like Flash Edge animate can also define keyframes across the project timeline. Keyframes are the basic points of distinction which has the ability to define and modify properties of the elements across timeline. You can speed up and slow down an animation by decreasing or increasing the length of the keyframe respectively.

About Actions & Labels

For each program there is an action panel which contains Actions which are the simple instructions. Unlike Flash where ActionScripts are used for programming, here you can apply Actions to elements on the Stage using JavaScript, and to the Timeline through Triggers placed at certain specific timecode. Labels are used to mark up the timeline at certain points. These mark ups can be used for visual references or for navigation.

Edge Animate combines the CSS, simple animation with style and images and the result you get is exciting and fun. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to check samples and templates using Adobe Edge Animate CC.

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