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5 Qualities of Clean Design Interface


Now days, everyone wants comfort and ease. And companies work day and night to give comforts to the people through their products. Well if you want to make your website accessible to a lot of people easily, then you should provide them all the comforts with your website. The term User Interface Design is nearly like that. Many people do not have much idea about the design user interface. Well! For them, it is a way of interaction between the website or application and the user. It is not just about the looks of the website and application. It about how your website works and how easily can people use it. It’s not about the selection of color for the background; it’s about the selection of the right and appropriate tool for the right thing (image via shutterstock).

Importance Of Design User Imterface:


A lot of technological innovations depend upon the user interface design. They use it because they want to make their application or website accessible to everyone easily. The website alone cannot gain the acceptance of user; user experience is a main feature of the acceptance of an application or website. And this is the place where User Interface Design comes into work.

If User Interface Design is done in a good manner then the product will be accepted by the users. The acceptance and rejection of a product in the market depends upon the User interface design. If a user feels easy to use your website, then your website will maintain its position in the market.

Characteristics Of Good User Interface Design:

Following are the things that you should consider in a good design interface:

1. Be Clear:

It is the most important element of user interface design. In fact, the whole aim of user interface design is to provide clear and easy way for the users to interact with your website. Be as clear as possible. Your website will not gain traffic if users find it difficult to use your website. If the visitors cannot figure out that how your website works and where to go in search for information, then they will get confused and will leave your website.

2. Concise:

Clarity is a great thing in user interface design. But you should take care of not being over clarifying. Adding explanations is a good and easy thing, but adding them in excess will create problem for users. They have to spend a lot of their time in reading these definitions and in this busy world, no one have a lot of time to waste. So they will end up visiting your website. Be concise. Keeping the things concise will save the precious time of users.

3. Responsive:

This thing means a lot of things. The most appropriate meaning of responsive is fast and efficient. Your interface should load fast. Waiting for the things to load frustrate the users. An interface will be hated by people if it takes too much time to load and show information. Another meaning of responsive is that your interface should give the answers while performing tasks, For instance, is your page is loading, then you should play a loading wheel or a loading icon on the screen at that time.

4. Attractive:

Yes! A good user interface design should look attractive. Users should enjoy using your interface. Making an interface, clear, concise, and responsive is enough. But if you add a little attractive thing in your interface design, then it will be very satisfying. If your design has something that is funny to use, then users will not only use your interface, they will search for more on your interface. There are a lot of websites and applications. But what makes them different from each other is their attraction. Work hard on the appearance and fashion of your interface.

5. Efficient:

If you combine all the above things in an interface, then you will definitely end up with a great interface which is efficient. What efficiency really means is that providing the user something that he/she really want to achieve. Allow that type of options in your interface that users want to perform. Imagine a single tab showing all the sharing options and all the social networking sites on which you want to share your photo or other documents.

These are some of the characteristics that a good interface design should have. If you want to make a great interface design then you should implement all the above things on that interface.



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