5 Rules of Better Website Navigation – Beginners Guide


One of the most important components of a good web design is easy and clean navigation. If navigation is done in a right way then it will lead your website to success. You website contains a huge set of information in its different areas that is related to the people’s search. And an easy navigation panel helps the visitors a lot in reaching to the required information. If you want more visitors to your website then you have to design a clean, simple and creative navigation page. This will make their way very easy to the pages of your site. When designing a navigation page, you should have a closer look to different elements. Following are some of the great and helpful rules and tips that will help you to design the best navigation page (image via shutterstock).

1. Increase Accessibility:


World has become so much fast and people now days are very impatient when they are surfing on the web. They will not stay on your site for long if they are not able to find what they need. So, navigation panel should be prominent on your website design. Ease of accessibility is the major element in making your navigation successful. Since navigation does not take much space as compared to the other elements of design, it should not disappear in the cloud of content. Best way to place navigation is at the top of site. You can give the links of your homepage and other important pages at the top so that users will not have to go down to find the way to other components of your website (image via shutterstock).

2. Be Consistent:


Consistency is also a very important part in designing a clean navigation panel. Always try to place the navigation page in the same area of every page in your website. Furthermore, your navigation page should have the same colors, style and type. This thing will make the users used to your website, and they will feel comfortable and tension free while browsing any page of your website. And this action will also increase the reputation of your site. Instead of doing this, if you change the color of your navigation panel or shift it from left to right, then visitors will get puzzled and confused and they will go to other websites (image via shutterstock).

3. Use Internal Links:


Putting the lay down link is the best way to retain customers. Internal links work as a connector to different pages of website that allows them to explore various parts of site. Links are important for both users and site owner. For customers its act as a facilitator to reach different web pages, and for owners, it helps in retaining the traffic and users. Always try to insert the internal links of previous information to the new related posts and pages of your website. Experts said that inserting a link at the end of article is beneficial (image via shutterstock).

4. Should be In Reach of Visitors:


A lot of navigation links and buttons, while proceeding to different sections, will leave the users with many non-useful choices. Visitors will not reach to the desired information on your site if you give them a huge set of options. Instead of providing long list of options, try to place the drop-down menus that will open the sub-sections. Always take care of not to place too many navigation bars. When providing the navigation help, try to make the less number of clicks for the users to reach their destination. Your website will be considered a good website if accessing any part of it requires not more than two clicks (image via shutterstock).

5. Better Use of Headers & Footers:


Header and footer are the areas that are considered the best for placing the navigation panel. You can use the header of your site for placing primary navigation that is the overview of your work. On the footer, you can place the secondary elements of your navigation and other pages such as the about us, site map, write for us, etc.
These are one of the best and most important rules and tips that will be helpful for you in designing a great navigation page and gaining more traffic to your website, If your website is easy to suffer then people will come to it and refer it to others too (image via shutterstock).



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