50 Cool Skater Outfits That Defines You Better

Whenever we think to hop to a party or for a night out, the most common outfit that immediately comes to our mind is definitely a dress. The Little black dress or that ravishing red dress, there is always a tussle between them. If you are blessed with an hour-glass figure or you worked hard to get that perfectly toned body, then bandage dress is probably the right choice for you. If you are on the heavier side, then the maxi dress or an A-line would be perfect to flatter your body type. Have you put on some unwanted kilos which are now difficult to hide? If yes, then skater dress might be the right option for you.

What is a skater dress?

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Now the question arises, what actually is a skater dress? Have you seen those dainty girls spinning around the ice-skating rink, looking absolutely like a princess? The dress that they wear has a shiny and sparking fitted top with a flared skirt. So inspired by the skater girls, the skater dress was invented with a bit of modifications (obviously you don’t have to wear the sparkles all the way!). The skater outfit basically has a fitted bodice (top) with a flared skirt attached to it.

It is commonly known as the “fit and flare dress”, as it accentuates the natural curve of the body and is extremely flattering. The skater dress is immensely popular in the US and UK and is currently ruling the international market. They gained popularity because they are quite easy to wear and even well on your pockets. With the skater dress, you can dress-up for any formal or important occasion or you can easily dress-down for a casual occasion. They are regarded as the universally-flattering dress as they look great on all body types.

How to style the skater outfit?

So now that you are all impressed with the dress and you probably have decided to buy it the next time you visit the store, we give you some tips and style tricks to wear it. You can accessorize the dress according to the occasion and also considering the weather.

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When you have a sunny breezy day outside, pull up your skater dress and your hat. You can pair it with your favourite flip-flops or ballerinas for the added comfort. Your feet would say thanks to you when you have to walk for hours for window shopping (or shopping) or maybe a brunch with your friends.

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At times during the day if it gets too windy and chilly, you can thrown it a light cotton shirt over your dress to keep you warm from the winds. Experiment with the prints and you can add in some colour by pairing with a bright coloured shirt or bold prints.

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Layering is always the key for winters. Who said that you have to keep away your dresses and shorts in the winters? You can artfully add layers with the skater dress by throwing in a jacket or a cardigan when the weather gets too cold. Don’t forget to slip into your warm leggings to keep the cold at bay. A thick woollen shrug is also a great option.

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If you want to add in some accessories, then wear a thin belt around the waist to accentuate it. You can wear heels in block colors to add the pop of color to your skater outfit. Leggings are also a fun way to do that. Add the winter touch by pairing the dress with boots of any length. Statement neck pieces always add the magic touch to the outfit so that you can look like a diva!

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