50 Fascinating Vexel Art Girls to blow your mind

Today we present probably one of the most distinguished forms of art. Basically, Vexel Art is the combination of two words; “Vector” and “Pixel”, and can be defined as the pixel-based form of digital art that emulates the vector graphics technique, but is different from normal vector graphics or raster images.

There is no one defined way to create a vexel, however, one archetypal way to create a vexel follows. Instead of using vector-based lines, shapes, and polygons to create an image, a vexel is typically created using a raster program’s support for transparent layers. Each transparent layer is given a solid (or sometimes gradient) shape and a display ordering that when displayed together with other near shape layers appears to create a stepped-but-gradual color transition. In some cases, for more realism, gradients are used that remove the stepping in the color transitions to create a smoother, photo-realistic image.

As We know Vexel designs are composed by using multiple layered shapes. It can be done in Photoshop, but Vexel Art designs are not limited to only Photoshop; essentially, it can be done with any image editing software that has a good Pen Tool. The different nature of raster programs over a vector-plotted approach gives some vexel images a unique appearance when compared with traditional rasterized vector graphics, however, the increased flexibility comes with a loss of image scalability for print media, which is often a source of criticism. To compensate for this, most vexels are created at very high resolution.

For this  article I have collected 50 fascinating Vexel Art Girls to blow your mind. Feel free to explore the artworks and be inspired. Also please share your thoughts and if you have good vexel examples we should add. CAUTION:  Don’t look into eye’s you will fall in love with them…..


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