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50 Massive and Cute Knuckle Tattoo Designs

Tiny and Cute Tasteful Knuckle Tattoos to express yourself!

It’s not easy for everyone to get Knuckle tattoo design inked as their favorite body art, so you have to be extremely careful before you get this tattoo inked as your pretty design. These tattoos are hard to hide and serve as one of the best ways to tell the world that how dedicated you are towards your personal life and passionate relationships.

The best feature about knuckle tattoos is that though they do not cover large space of your body, still looks absolutely amazing and symbolizes deep meaning. No other tattoo can beat this tattoo design in terms of drawing attention of masses.
They have the power of expressing clear ideas without using much ink.

Generally, these tattoos are inked only on the fingers and when the fingers of two hands are joined together, they form a word with a deep idea hidden behind them. Knuckle tattoos work both for men and women and they can easily get this tattoo done in various shapes and colors simply as they wish. Knuckle tattoo design requires great care and attention. So, if you are looking for some popular knuckle tattoo ideas the following collection may help you –

Black Skull Knuckle Tattoo Design

knuckle tattoo designs (17)

The knuckles are a superb place to flaunt small designs. They can be in the form of symbols, title or verses. Black skulls inked on your four fingers are among popular knuckle designs.

The design looks quite unique and good on everyone.
The black color is the main attraction of the design.

Heart Knuckle Tattoo Design

knuckle tattoo designs (23)

It’s a very cute and romantic tattoo design for the people who are in love. This heart symbol tattoo coupled with the initials of your beloved can only be seen under dark light and looks quite elegant on women’s knuckles. This tattoo design is simple, but has the power to create lot of curiosity among young couples.

Famous Knuckles Flames Design


It’s a simple and beautiful tattoo design.

To make your fingers look creative, you can have the blue flames tattoo design inked on your knuckles.
For more graceful look, you can highlight the flames by writing famous phrase over it. Make sure that the flames cover your knuckles completely and are engraved keeping the uniformity on top priority.

Animal Face Knuckle Tattoo Design

knuckle tattoo designs (22)

Getting animals inked as your favorite knuckle tattoo design proves to be great inspirational idea to some, as they can be drawn in many different ways. Drawing faces of animals like – tigers, elephants and lions looks attractive and amazing. To avoid mess on your fingers, try to engrave different animal face on your each finger.

One Word Knuckle Tattoo Design

knuckle tattoo designs (8)

If you want to compliment someone in one word, then the best way is to get that characters inked on your fingers. If the word is too big, you can use the fingers of your other hand as well.

To write pretty and cool words for the person you love most, you can use any color you like.
Common words used in this tattoo include – survival, true love, devotion etc.

Video Game Knuckle Tattoo Design

knuckle tattoo designs (35)

The tattoo proves magic to those who are video game lovers. This is the most interesting Knuckle tattoo design and symbolizes same ideas, interests, likes and dislikes of person. This tattoo design is usually done with red color ink and looks authentic on young gamers.

We can just say at the end that people love to engrave above mentioned knuckle tattoos either for fun or to have a definite meaning to convey their message in an effective way.

knuckle tattoo designs (1)

knuckle tattoo designs (3)

knuckle tattoo designs (4)

knuckle tattoo designs (5)

knuckle tattoo designs (7)

knuckle tattoo designs (10)

knuckle tattoo designs (11)

knuckle tattoo designs (12)

knuckle tattoo designs (13)

knuckle tattoo designs (14)

knuckle tattoo designs (15)

knuckle tattoo designs (16)

knuckle tattoo designs (18)

knuckle tattoo designs (19)

knuckle tattoo designs (21)

knuckle tattoo designs (24)

knuckle tattoo designs (25)

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  2. Every Knuckle tattoo is so unique in design and quotes written on fingers is also different.

  3. I so love the color unicorn knuckle tattoo design. The different images in every ginger looks very cute and simple. Nice!

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