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50 Meaningful Effects of Bold fonts typography ads

Typography is everywhere infact it is most import part of any design these days, from the web to the advertisement industry.  Advertisers are constantly seeking ways to increase the persuasive power of their ads. To that end, advertisers are encouraged to match their advertising’s executional elements (e.g., spokespersons, visuals, etc.) with their consumer’s motivation. Following this approach, we have showcased meaningful Bold Fonts Typography, a potentially critical but relatively underinvestigated executional element. These days typography is a major executional element of word-driven advertising (e.g., print and internet), and has the potential to significantly influence motivation, opportunity, and ability to process advertising messages.

When looking for typographic inspiration, advertisements can be an excellent source. In this post we have  showcased 50 advertisements that can provide meaningful message and excellent design inspiration.

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