6 Benefits of Responsive Web Design


Many people do not have much idea about the term responsive web design. Actually, it’s not a very difficult term. For those people who want to know about the responsive web design and its benefits, it is basically a process to code a web page with the help of Cascading style sheets (CSS). It is a blend of CSS and JavaScript. These style sheets are used to detect the size of the screen on which the website is being opened. After that, the output coming from the website is adjusted automatically to fit the size of the screen. No matter it is a smart phone, a tablet or a desktop (image via shutterstock).

With the help of responsive web design, you just have to design the website once instead of developing the same site for different devices of different screen sizes. Your website will definitely work on a 27” LCD screen and it can also be accessed by a 3” smart phone. RWD has a lot of benefits. For instance, people will visit your website a lot because they do not have to sit in front of a computer to access your website. They can open it anytime and anywhere on their smart phones and tablets.

There are a lot of benefits of responsive web design. It has made a designer’s life easy by many ways. Some of the benefits of responsive web design are given below:

1. Saves Money:

Before Responsive web design was adapted, the companies who wanted to make their website accessible for mobile devices had to design several versions of their websites according to the screen resolution of device. And you know that designing a single website is very expensive and imagine that designing an iPhone, iPad, desktop and a tablet version of a website will cost a lot of money. So, those companies end up with losing a lot of money. And if a new device comes in market, then you have to design a new version for that device too.

But when responsive web design became popular, then the designers got relief. Imagine a single website working on any device of any screen size. This means that you have to design only a single version of your website that will run on every device. This will definitely save a lot of your money.

2. Saves Time:

By designing a website that can be accessible on all devices will save a lot of your time. You do not have to run again and again for the approvals and meetings. You have to install the updates to your single website, not on the different versions of them. This can free up your time by less maintenance of you site. You will not have to worry about the re-designing of your website if a new device comes into the market. Your website has an ability to run on all devices with the help of responsive web design.

3. Improved SEO:

Designing a single website means that you only have a single website to optimize on the search engines like Google and Bing. Only one URL will accumulate the page rankings and page authority. Because of this, your website will come on the top of the search engine which is a very lucky thing.

4. Competition:

Just because responsive web design is in infancy till now, you have a lot of chance to beat your competitors. Designing a website that can fit on every screen size will get a lot of visitors. Visitors will love to access your website rather than your competitors because they can access your website easily on any device. Your website will get much more visitors than your competitors (image via shutterstock).


5. Long Term Website:

By designing your website through responsive techniques, your website will remain in business for a long period of time and this allows you not to play the ‘catch up’. Your website will stay active (image via shutterstock).


6. You’ll Stay Calm:

With all of the above benefits, your website will allow you to sleep calmly at night without having a stress. Your website is working on all devices and it is gaining more and more visitors day by day. This thing makes you feel better, comfortable and stress less.

These are some of the benefits of responsive web design. It is a very important thing for the designers that is changing the era of  designing a web site by making it very easier.



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