6 Common WordPress Issues and their Solutions

WordPress is one of the best website designing and blog creation platforms all over the world. Though it is the best, but it has some common issues or problems that may be faced by the wordpress users. Some of these common wordpress issues and their solutions had been discussed here. You must give them an overview for the same.

Common WordPress Issues and their Solutions1.1

Common WordPress Issues and their Solutions

Stylesheet Missing in the Theme

Sometimes, when you are installing a theme in WordPress, you may find an error that tells you about the missing of stylesheet from theme directory. It may frustrate you and may also start looking for a new theme.

Common WordPress Issues and their Solutions1


  • Unzip this theme on your desktop and you should checkout for the stylesheet and see whether it is actually missing from the theme file or not
  • If stylesheet is present then you must not install your theme again to wordpress
  • Install the root them folder so that this problem can be solved and don’t appear in future again
  • If stylesheet is missing, you can ask developer to provide you the stylesheet
  • Most of the developers will provide you this stylesheet

Plugins Not working properly

The plugins may work improperly with your current theme. The old plugin might stop working despite been working fine since few days. It is another common wordpress issue and people get confused about it. There are different solutions to this problem.

Common WordPress Issues and their Solutions2


  • You can delete this plugin from wordpress and them re-install it again
  • If you have not updated the plugin, you should update it again
  • Some plugins may have stopped working because you have updated the wordpress and these plugins are not compatible with newer version of wordpress.

Forgetting the Password of WordPress Admin Panel

Some bloggers think that blogging is bit easy and posting in blog in irrelevant time intervals will make their blog grow. But this will not happen. The blog only grows with regular and quality work. Many wordpress admins forget their passwords and find solution for it. Here is the best solution for it.

Common WordPress Issues and their Solutions3


  • You may find the option to reset password below the dashboard. Click to that link and rest password email will be sent to your registered email account with admin account. Rset your password carefully.
  • If you have forgot your registered email then logon to Cpanel account of your WP hosting.
  • Go to phpMyAdmin Option. Select the wordpress database under Database option
  • Go to wp_users and now click on browse option
  • Find your username abd insert the new password in password field
  • Now click on drop down menu under Function, after you have completed these steps
  • Select MD5 and click on ‘Go’ button present in the bottom
  • Your password will be reset

Spam Comments are Increasing Day by Day

This is another common wordpress issue that a blogger face and this happen with the new growing blog. The spammy comments come in numbers and bloggers find it really hard to clear them all. Spam comments are one of the most common issues of WordPress bloggers. Here is the solution for this issue.

Common WordPress Issues and their Solutions4


  • You can download Akismet Plugin and block the spam comments
  • This is really popular plugin that can block the spam comments and has powerful spam protection
  • The automatic comments will be removed instantly, if this plugin is installed on your blog

Site Loading Times Increase

You may find that as the time passes to your blog, the load times of your site increases negatively. It loads less fast than it used to load earlier. Site speed is really very important these days and your website needs to open up quickly. The sites opening faster are likely to have more success as time passes.

Common WordPress Issues and their Solutions5


  • Your current theme may be too complex, so you need to get a new theme
  • The server may be performing low as your server is made for low traffic. In this case, you can change your server to VPS or dedicated
  • You may have installed with number of themes or plugins that are not been used, so delete them. They eat up memory and bandwidth and in turn slow down your website.

Auto Update Failed

WordPress comes with auto update feature these days and fixes minor bugs in every update and try to become better and better. This may happen due to problem in internet connection or broken files for updating wordpress.

Common WordPress Issues and their Solutions6


  • Check your internet connection and auto update it again
  • It still, it is not getting updated, you must update it manually

These were some common wordpress issues solutions that are helpful in solving most common problems with wordpress that user might face.



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