6 Slideshow Patterns in Web Design to be considered in 2014

slideshow patterns 2014

Nowadays everyone focuses on quality slideshows. Now the question is that how to design an attractive & good slideshow. First of all focus on the current trends regarding designs.
Basically a slideshow is used as a solution to use the space in layout to its fullest & to attract the users with different animations.

Following are some of the slideshow patterns that are commonly used by different web designers:

1. Location Slideshow:

slideshow patterns 2014

At the time when Flash was readily available, location slideshow was very common slideshow pattern. The working of this pattern was very simple. When someone clicks on any of the element of website, changes were observed at the other part website. This pattern is no more popular these days. There are two main goals of this pattern. One is to avoid overlay of images & the other one is to display all the screenshots in real perspective.

2. Full Screen Slideshow:

slideshow patterns 2014

In this type of slideshow pattern you will observe two arrows. When you click on these arrows the entire page will slide & shift so that another product would be displayed. If someone is not good with this slideshow idea, he will also go with the normal menu. The combination of menu fallback & slideshow will give an artistic touch to your pattern.

3. Numbered Slideshow:

slideshow patterns 2014

This pattern is simple but most powerful among all the slideshow patterns. Actually the whole website is consists of a page. You are given an option of numbered controls as well as arrow controls like right & left arrow keys placed at the bottom of the website. Different menu items are also there to whole content of each & every section. Numbered slide show is perfect in the regard that its navigation is structured in a perfect manner.

4. Standard Slideshow:

slideshow patterns 2014

This is a slideshow without any numbered navigation. It is the most popular slideshow pattern, coming towards its structure; there is huge space around whole slideshow which give the whole layout an subtle & elegant feel. Number of slides in this pattern is yet an important part. Try to uses minimum number of slides. Use of a number of slides may repel the user.

5. The Left/Right Slideshow:

slideshow patterns 2014

It consists of a fixed number of slides. By using let & right arrow keys you can scroll so that another slide would appear. The image which is placed at the center of website has no sliding effect. You will also experience slide up effects in this pattern. It means that if you are clicking on a particular project its whole description would start to slide in upward direction without going to the actual page of project.

6. The Hover Slideshow:

For using Hover slideshow all you need is small amount of space. Labeling is done in this pattern. Labeling is just like navigation but more informative. This pattern is not for touch screen devices such as tablets, iPods etc. As these devices don’t contain any Hover state.



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