7 Great WordPress Alternative content management systems


Thousands of websites use WordPress due to the reason that it is user-friendly, it is updated frequently, it has loads of themes, and it has several other features which make it the best content management system. However, there are several other content management systems out there, which may fulfill all these needs. So, if you want to try something new, then here is a list of good WordPress alternatives (image via shutterstock):

1. Drupal:


Drupal is one of the most active and popular content management systems after WordPress. Just like WordPress a lot of people come in Drupal’s community. It is a CMS which is purely based on best features a content management system can have. The installation is pretty simple and you can install it in minutes. The things that make this CMS different from others include Open IDs, user blogs, profiles and forums. Another feature is that you can create quick clones of websites within a few hours. So, if you are looking for something like WordPress, then go for Drupal.

2. Joomla:

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Joomla is considered as an advanced content management system. Joomla is best for new bloggers. Installation is very easy like WordPress and Drupal. The CMS is configurable and pretty straightforward. This content management system is mostly used by big organizations and individuals. Millions of people use Joomla for their blogs and websites. So, if you are looking for something different, then Joomla is there for you.

3. TextPattern:


Textpattern is mostly chosen by web designer. The content management system comes with elegant themes and visualizations. You can create well-structured pages with Textpattern. The pages are very light weight and beautiful. It is the most user-friendly content management system. If you want to create a fast-speed blog or website, then you must choose TextPattern.

4. Tumblr:


Tumblr is a great and user-friendly content management system. It isn’t the best alternate to WordPress but still, for blogging, it is really good. There is a good commenting system either. It is used by most of the celebrities as it is pretty much easy to tackle. Businesses also use Tumblr.

5. GetSimple:


You can guess it’s working by its name. It is a free content management system and gives you many exceptional features. As the CMS is free, you can first check it and if you like it, then you can create a website on it. GetSimple is a very flexible and user-friendly content management system.

6. Cushy:


Cushy is good if your buy its Pro package. For free users, it is not acceptable. The CMS costs $28 for Pro package and after purchasing you get exceptional features. It is a good alternative of WordPress only if the Pro package is bought.

7. Croogo:


It is the best alternative to WordPress. The two drawbacks of using this content management system are that not many themes are available for this CMS and the number of plugins or extensions is also low. The CMS is based on CakePHP framework. If you are seriously looking for a WordPress alternative then you must give Croogo or CakePHP a try.



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