7 Tips to ponder Interactive Website Designing

The world of internet is advancing at a lighting speed and there is a lot of competitiveness. If a website is not compelling or designed well, it might not work at all. If you are designing website or revamping design or rebranding and you want users to come to your site  again and again for inspiration then you need to make it interactive and attarctive. The website design should be unique that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Quality of a web design holds high importance in the making of a new website or a blog. Here we have gathered some of the most useful web design tips that can help you get the best out of the web design and make your website such that will get popular in no time. And although creating a good and interactive web design is harder than it seems, it’s not impossible and can be achieved with just a little vigilance.

In this respect, understanding what a user wants is very important specially in online gaming websites where online interactive casino games like party poker are getting very popular. Coming to think of it, you can make a website interactive only when you know what your user might be interested in and designing it accordingly. The other important thing is to make sure that there is a flow in all the elements to make a site useful and enjoyable for the user. If the website is not interactive, it can confuse users and drastic means can lead to a drop in the overall visitor rate.

It’s all about Patterns

One good quality of a web designer is that he uses the common patterns in his site which are laid down by the website conventions. This becomes comprehensive for the users who then know how to understand and use their website as they involve their intuition. If the pattern is consistent, its gives a useful feel to the site and enhance the interaction part. The best way to ensure that a user understands the task and knows what to do next is if you follow some standard usability conventions.

When Distractions Can Actually Benefit

To understand this you need to know that distractions can help things look faster. One important web design tip is that user interactions can get slow and takes time to load. In this way, user loses the patience as we have to keep in mind that an internet user has a short time and limited patience and he will move on to other so many options if he doesn’t find what he needs from your website. So when you know that there is a lag or a slower part to your site, add a quick distraction to it so that the slow loading feels faster.

Create a Story

It may sound as an indirect statement but the purpose of a website is often to solve a problem. One of the tested and tried ways of creating a memorable interaction is to put it out as a narrative. These kinds of stories involve a protagonist who is shown to be overcoming a problem. Therefore, the website is a great way of showing that interaction where user is that protagonist and the tasks of the site is the story, where the plot line is the process of tasks required. This trick pulls in the user like anything and provides him with a memorable journey of your website. Apart from the user, it also provides help to the web designer to know what should be the direction to arrange the content.

Accessibility Should Always Be a Priority

Accessibility is the moral imperative for every website. In the present world, the situation of the internet is such where accessibility can be easily provided to the users. The era of Flash is declining and HTML5 is taking its place. And HTML5 has opened up a lot of ways and opportunities to introduce openness and accessibility into the website. Answering the question popping in your mind, this isn’t just a good thing to do to make a website accessible; it is also the right thing.

Make Sure You Have a Prototype

There are a whole lot of tools ranging from Wireframes to particular UX tools which are out there to help a web designer create a website in a way that tests all the features and ensure that all the things work. To ensure a complete experience for users, interactions should happen according to a set plan. In such a case, prototypes can provide a lot of help in testing and trying a website completely regarding its accessibility when it’s in the designing process.

Content of the Website

Content is one of the most important things that need to be taken special care for. If the content is not of good quality, other features of making the website interactive won’t be much good. On the other hand, if the content is interesting, catchy and well written, it will play a big part in bringing in the readers, make them come back again and attract the search engines.

The homepage of the website should lay out the purpose and contents of a website clearly so that readers can know right off what they can expect. ‘About us’ page is more detailed and descriptive and lays down the benefits and services which a reader can get from your website.

Websites work in a way that the most popular pages become the landing pages for new and regular visitors. You can create more traffic with this by keeping a check on the stats and paying more attention to the pages that are getting more stats so that you can optimize them for your readers and minimize the conversion rates.

Designing and Layout

Last but not the least, there are several design aspects that you need to consider and take note of while designing your site.

  • The navigation should be easy, not only for the homepage but for all landing pages. This is because of the reason that some visitors arrive on your site from the search engines so their access to other pages should be made easy.
  • Make sure that you are using a standard and easily readable font so that none of your variety of readers gets turned off because of the wrong font.
  • Optimize your page in a way so that it can get quick download speeds for end users.

Final Thoughts

By following these few simple tips, a web designer can create a website that comes up to the expectations of a perfectly interactive website from all respects and make a nice online presence for it. Features like good content, content management systems, prototypes, conventional patterns and accessibility, all add up to form a crisp website which provides an enjoyable experience to the user.



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